and the winners are

But first let me tell you that I had an email exchange with Blair, the publisher of Baffled by Travel, they who provided the book for me to review and to offer to my commenters.  They are so nice over there at BBT they are sending another THREE copies of New York in Ten Seconds.

WOOT for BBT and Blair.

Ergo, hence
I never used those words before in my life, this is good wine! ;-} 
SIX winners
will be chosen from those folded papers
in my chic new wool cap

  ToonMan has picked 6 names
and they are:

As soon as the additional books arrive I will send them all out,  email me with your mailing addresses!


  1. Hooray for the winners!!! Now I must get back to my list....

  2. Hooray for the winners! So glad to see Lily Hydrangea's name there, since I won her calendar for 2010.

  3. okay, this is where I'm supposed to be all nice and happy for the winners - but I don't see my name - aaarrrggghhh! okay I'm on my way to Amazon to order one, oh, and hooray for the winners :(

  4. Congratulations to the winner, and how nice of those folks to send you 3 extra copies. Great job.

  5. Yay for me!!! I just shouted out with glee!!! actually, when I saw my name it was more like, Oh! ooh! I know I am a terrible winner, so I'll stop gloating now!
    Thank you Daryl! & Toon Man & BBT!
    This is fun!

  6. Congrats to the winners!

    Ergo, hence, please email me the name of that wine;)

  7. Nice one all you winners!
    Oh well, with no fun guide book, I'll just have to rely on a guided trip on the M104!

  8. Drats - missed it. Just overtaken here with renos and health - you know the story.

    Love the chairs, the fountain, central park again - everything girl.

    I just wish the renos were over and done with. This is my treat - coming to visit you and a few others while I have my morning coffee - sometimes.

  9. Congrats to all those who get to see NYC in ten seconds!

  10. Darn. I don't see my name there. Congratulations to the winners!

  11. ME?!? Really? New York STILL loves me! And the feeling is mutual. Of course, I DO have my favorites there.....DARYL!! (And then there's the marvelous Nina Planck!) THANK YOU to the publisher and you! :)

  12. We are ALL winners when we come here, Daryl :-)

    Aloha, Friends!

    Comfort Spiral

  13. That's really great. You are so good. You did a great job promoting this book; I am going to get a copy and know the biz!

  14. Big Apple HERE I COME!!! Merci merci mon amie and BBT (that rhymes :). Can't wait to get it! And may I add what wonderful sports the rest of you are!! If you'll come to Birmingham, I'll share mine with you! :)


    PS How did I miss getting a crack at Lily's calendar?? :(
    Maybe I'll give away one of my Paris calendars. That's an idea.

  15. congratulations to all the winners. Fun that you did this.

  16. Oh man, i missed out on this one! Congrats to the lucky winners, what a great giveaway

  17. Congrats to ya'll! you are so deserving of being Darylized!
    I got a Seasonal Card, and it is beautiful, so there!! :)

  18. Are you sure you got all the names right? I don't see my name. Oh well, congrats to the winners!!

    ps- thanks for the info on my mosaic! I used picnik and it was great!!

  19. Congratulations to the winners. Nothing like a book

  20. OMG! I NEVER win anything! I'm so excited. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This way, I can plan what I want to do during my *Escape To New York City* trip that I'll take someday (hopefully).

    I know I said I didn't need it but I really wanted it anyway, lol. So, thanks again!

  21. Thanks, Daryl. Look forward to the book and then maybe a return to NYC - it's been 30 some years since my last visit. Wonder if it has changed much...


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