toonsday - missing gus

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  1. Gus was only a stand-in, so pull yourself out of that funk Mister!


  2. so sad, but glad you are on your way back! :)

  3. «Louis» understands, having some clam-like qualities himself.

    [Editor to «Louis»: How can une vache have (ahem) "clam-like qualities"?

    «Louis» to Editor: If you don't clam up, I'm likely to drop hot, steaming clam dangerously close to your vicinity, if you get my drift....

    Editor: (gulp)]

  4. The Old Goat *my beloved husband* is a bit of a clam at times... then when he emotes, it's like an unstoppable high tide!

    Everyone has their own style... I'm glad you're feeling better.

  5. I know it hurts. And I am sorry for your loss.

  6. Glad you're feeling a bit better....time helps, but your memories are forever;)

  7. The only way around these things is through them as a friend of mine says.

    You'll never stop missing him completely, but it will get better.

    And even a clam shell opens. Otherwise how would we get chowder?

    (Hmm... maybe not the best allegory there...)

  8. I'd say something like "being a clam is so shellfish!" but I get it. Hugs to you both.

  9. It sounds like I missed something. What happened to Gus?

    Apparently something to make Toonman miss him. So sorry!

  10. Awe, I feel your pain....silently of course.

  11. I think Rosie will do her best to help you, cats are clams too.

    Big Hugs You Sexy Clam

  12. this is so touching Ray. Just remember, Gus is as close as ever, you just can't see him, but he's always there with you inside your heart.


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