how I spent the weekend

I went to Connecticut
I met Squazz!
I met Dora and Stella
I ate Lauren's freshly baked from scratch apple sauce cake
I visited Lauren's glorious St. Paul's church (for excellent pix of that visit Kate)
I went to lunch at the Black  Duck
I shopped
I saw Annie's pond
I drank lots and lots and lots of wine
I met Jules (and ConMan)
I had amazingly delicious sushi for dinner
I twittered
I went to brunch & met Lucia (sp?)
I went to Sherwood Island's beach
I had the best times with some bloggers who have become like sistahs!


  1. Fun mosaic for a fun weekend with the blog gals. Sherwood Beach..have not thought of that place in years. Reminds me of beaching with friends up there and using one of those silver fold up sun reflectors on my face...and now I wonder why I have so many wrinkles on my face!

  2. sounds like an amazing time was had by all....yeah!

  3. OMG! Too much fun! I will be there next time. Have I seen these pictures before?

  4. Looks and sounds like a wonderful time! Someday I will meet all of you!

  5. Jam packed fun weekend! You know how to part-tee :)

  6. Oh what fun! Seriously? There's a wine called Layer Cake?

  7. That sounds like a great way to spend the weekend. Meeting blog friends is fun.

  8. OMG! That sounds like soooo much fun! Glad to hear you had such a good time...

    Great pics too!

  9. Good good, woman. You are absolutely decadent! Cavorting around all weekend, eating and drinking ... sheesh!

    Can I come next time?

  10. Looks like a fun weekend was had by all.

  11. Yes, a few of those photos do look familiar. Did Kate buy that hat? And Lauren the boots?

    Please, please tell me somebody bought some boots.

    Sounds like you had a perfect weekend.

  12. Thanks to your "updates", I almost feel as if I were there!!! Miss you guys SO much:(

  13. All that in one weekend? I'm oozing with jealousy!

  14. Your weekend was lots more fun than mine.

  15. i am not sure that pic of lauren making love to the boot is appropriate for this family blog it and so glad you gals get to do this fun stuff wish i was close enough to come play with you all! :)

  16. What a lovely weekend! Good on you and the girls for taking the time to get together.

  17. packed it in! How wonderful was that???

  18. I'm so happy for all of you! It sounds utterly divine!

    Warm hugs to my blisters!

  19. Same here!! And yeah, how did we fit all that into 2 days?

  20. How very cool. I want to see Annie's pond!


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