last mail of '09

Not a bad way to end the year mail-wise:
New Year cards from good friends,
a sweet note,
Manolo sale!


  1. Happy New Years my dear friend =)
    Take care....

  2. it is just another day after all..and the clock is still ticking by...time

    talks soon, saz x

  3. Oh, that's just precious. Who knew that Dora's full name was The Explorer? And she has her own stationery? Precious.

    Also, I recognize a few other people in those pictures...

    What a wonderful note to end on for 2009.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Seems you have 4-footed nieces and nephews everywhere, huh? Best kind if you ask me.

    If I didn't know better I'd think that was a ghost of Daryl past in the foreground of that B&W...

    Happy New Year babe.

  5. Happy New Year Daryl!
    I hope 2010 will treat you with careful hands.

    xo Anna

  6. Happy new year! May it bring you good health and happiness. Peace and love from South Florida.

  7. You can wear Manolo. And look so good in them. Cool idea for a post, too.

  8. Bring on the shoes, baby!!! Whooo hoooo.
    Happy happy to you and Toonman!


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