thursday in the hood

This pretty ornament was
(and may still be) 
hanging on the back of the bathroom door
at the hair salon I used to go to. 
Used to, you ask? 
Curl Up & Dye
alas it is no more
I am now being beautified™ elsewhere.


  1. Exquisite! Love the colors.

    Curl up and Dye is quite the name for a place to be beautified.

  2. I've always loved that name, I'm very sad that they seem to have actually done it.

    Great colors on that ornament.

  3. Lovely holly ornament. Sorry the salon lived up (or down) to its name...

  4. Beautiful~just like you. You dont need to be any more beautified!

  5. that is an incredible photo.
    I am sorry Curl up and Dye is no more, I hope that you have found an equally lovely place to be beautified.

  6. Cool ornament. I love the trademark on the word beautified.

  7. NO!!! Say it ain't so! Where did your nice beautifier go?

  8. It can be such a disaster when your hairdresser ups sticks and you have to change! Thankfully my hairdresser isn't showing any sign of giving up! That's a great name for a hair salon!

  9. Don't you hate it when that happens? I've "cheated" on my hairdresser in the past but went crawling back a year or so ago. We're like an old married couple now! HA

  10. Oh that is the pits, I hate it when trusted folk up and die.. or in my case move to Hawaii

  11. Have a great holiday, Daryl. thinking of you,


  12. very pretty

    I hope your stylist went to the new place, it's awful to start with a new person

  13. Beautiful ornament! Happy holidays my friend (in whatever celebrational mode you observe!).

    You are lovely without the beautifying!

  14. Aww Daryl, you are already beautified!

    Love the ornament!

  15. Whatever you are doing works!
    You are one of the most beautiful people in my world...

    Aloha, Friend, & Ray!
    Happy Holidays

    Comfort Spiral

  16. NOooooo! Curl Up & Dye... died? That so totally sucks!

    But you got a killa shot to remember them by at least. That's something.

  17. A salon called Curl Up and Dye should never have been allowed to close! I've had the same hairdresser for at least 15 years, except for the half year she decided to pursue a different career. She came back just in time to try and salvage the disastrous cut I got at the new place...days before my daughter's wedding. OMG, even with her help my hair still look horrible! Hope your new salon takes better care of you!

    Merry Christmas!

  18. That is really too bad. I feel for the people/person who dreamed of making a success out of it.

    Love the colours in the ornament. Those red bells are my favourite.

  19. You should have taken the ornament as a momento.

  20. Beautified, yeah yeah yeah. Give the rest of us gals a chance, why don'tcha? ;-)

  21. Sadly if they had used the word Permanent in their name, they'd have still been there.

  22. What! NO more Curl up and Dye??? That is SAD! :(


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