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Recently I was contacted by a publishing house, Baffled By Travel, asking me to review a book about New York City.  Not a book of fiction which I read a lot of but a book intended for both visitors to and natives of New York City.

A sort of guide book that claims to share 'the best of New York in just 10 seconds'  ...   a select guide to the best places to stay, eat, shop and explore.

How you may ask can they do this in 10 seconds?

Extremely well.  It has maps, indices, and covers every aspect of visiting NYC from fun & cheap  to the chi-chi .. and everything inbetween and it does this for not just food and accommodations but shopping, sightseeing and more.

I have read and enjoyed both the photos and the information inside this slick volume which sells for $22.95 in US/Canada.

The nice people at Baffled By Travel have given me 3 copies of this terrific book to give to 3 of you.. you can check the book out by clicking here and you can look at the collages I put together because, really, I am not a writer and could never do justice to this book with just words.


If you would like to have one of these, please leave me a comment and tell me why you'd like one and I will have ToonMan do a random drawing on Wednesday and announce the winner on Thursday
Clicking on the collages will embiggen them...


  1. this is so cool! I would love to have one of these guides. Why? because I love NYC but there is so much to see there & because of that I sort of always feel like I'm missing something, so maybe a guide will help me.
    Toon Man , please pick me!
    thanks Daryl.
    : )

  2. That book looks like just the thing for any tourist going to New York! As you know I'm retiring next week and I am hoping to do lots of travelling with MWM - New York is definitely on my 'to visit' list so that book would really come in handy when we get there!

  3. I need this now so I will be ready in the fall! how exciting! xxo

  4. Oh how I wish. I'm despairing of ever getting a chance to get back to NY :(. (Don't count me in the giveaway, it would be totally wasted on me if I won.)

  5. in my best Horschack voice--> OOH ME, PICK ME, PICK ME. I would love to have this book since the most fun I've had in the past couple of years is introducing the twinadoes to NYC. That Eli is becoming a real seasoned subway rider!

    Leendaluu (signing here because sometimes your blog doesn't let me comment)

  6. Oh my gosh! First, that's so exciting that they tapped you for this! It appears to be a very neat and useful book.

    That's why...I want one!!! I have never seen NYC, and would love to. There's even someone there I would love to have lunch some place from the guidebook, of course! ;-)

  7. oooooo I want one :) Pick me ToonMan! Ha, I would love to have this so when Cheerleader Girl and I make it back up to NYC we aren't running around like we know what we are doing... we will actually know- haha. Of couse I know you now, so that would help too :)

  8. Ooo, ooo count me in!

    First, wow! How brill is that, being asked to review a travel guide? Nice one!

    So, I would love to be included in the draw because one day (soonish?) I will make it back across the pond to experience the joys of New York and while riding the M104 will undoubtedly be the first thing I do, this extremely excellent guide (according to Daryl) will show me the parts of the city the "Fashionista Tour" doesn't!

  9. I'm not so sure you're not a fact, I'd guess you are a good writer...

    You're certainly a good photographer. I like the collages a lot...they are sharp and well lighted and easily readable.

    And I think congrats are in order because you were chosen to review this book ... I mean, couldn't they have chosen a number of other people? But no! They chose you!

    Be proud!

  10. Congratulations on being called upon for this honor.

    The reason I would like this book is because I'm planning a trip to NYC in February, and it would be nice to have some sort of reference in advance.

    However, if that doesn't pan out, we'll be counting on you to be our tour guide.

  11. I figure that next time I come to NYC I'll have you, so I have no need for the tour guide book, lol.

    Besides, if I wanted to see everything I want to see in NYC, I'd need to move there for a year...

  12. Great Daryl!

    Now send them my way-

    Aloha ha ha


  13. on Rufus' computer!
    but it's your favorite beach LOL


  14. Maybe it could entice me to see more of NY.

  15. Pick me! Pick me! My daughter and her family are sight seeing in NYC after Christmas! What a wonderful gift this would make!!!

  16. A book that helps a person around NYC? I will find out more about that one. Because streets and avenues aside, and whatever you call its, the city confuses me.

  17. I would love to win this because I'm planning to visit in the spring and I would LOVE to know some good places to visit to make the trip more fun.

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  18. You did a GREAT job with this review!! Words and pictures both! (and you were asked to do it--very very cool)I'm with Jacob: be proud!

  19. i think it is awesome! but, would i need it with you as my tour guide :)

  20. Ooohhhh ooohhhhh, pick me, pick me!! J'adore New York and as you know, i"m longing to get back up there and go toe to toe with you shooting as many photos as i possibly can. I really need that book so I can find my way to your door!!! :)

  21. WOW! I would like to have this book because I plan to visit a friend in NYC this coming February;) Of course, being the Native New Yawker that she is, I'm sure she'll have all of this covered ahead of time!!!

  22. We all need to get back to NY and if we can't, maybe this book will help lessen the pain of not getting there. Or maybe not. (But I plan on getting there...)

  23. Oh my gosh, Daryl! I would LOVE a copy of that book. Lorne played pro hockey in NY for a few months back in the day, but didn't really have much time to "see" the city. And I've never been there, but it's definitely on my bucket list. We're getting married next Sept. and are planning on Tuscany for about 10 days, but a stop in New York on the way home would be fantastic! From south-western Canada to north-easternish USA - what a trip that would be!

  24. Well, dearest Daryl, I hope to get back to NYC one day and show my kids what I saw on the one trip I ever took there. And it was the strangest thing....I had heard the negative rap New Yorker's got so I expected the worst. But I wanted to write a letter to the mayor after I left, telling him how different my experience was.

    We had fantastic cabbies who gave us breaks, got let in at the Hard Rock Cafe when we told him we only had a few hours, had people go out of their way to help us with directions, made friends with the mounted policemen, etc. I was inclined to be happy because I LOVED New York but I want to come back and do it all again because of the people.

    I didn't say it then but I will now - THANK YOU, New York City, for taking me under your wing. I had a ball and it was because of YOU!

    P.S. If I don't win the book, I'm good with that. Probably lots of folks who will need it sooner. But thanks for the opportunity to share a happy memory and finally say thank you. :)

  25. Wow Daryl, that is great that the publishers contacted you to preview the book. Impressive. They know an expert when they see one.

    My daughter is visiting the city in late January and this would be just the thing she could drop in her pocket to help her get around and not get lost. And one day maybe I could use it myself.

  26. Hey, Daryl. Looks like you are doing a good thing here! Would love a copy...of course. Every year I come here and when I go to go to Columbia Main campus at 116th St, I end up in Harlem? Why is that? Cos I caught the wrong train ..again!
    Have fun!

  27. I can't think of one witty thing to say!!! Well other than I will be in a party with at least three other Va women on a trip to NY in Febuary and at least ONE of us needs to be armed with such a beauty of a book!!!!

  28. I'd very much like to win it, so when we make a trip to NYC in the next couple of years, I can do a whistle-stop tour and spend all the other seconds drinking wine with you!

  29. After Christmas 2 of my very good friends are visiting New York, Lisa and Andrew Askew. We know them through Andrew's mum & dad, Dorothy & keith Askew who I spoke about on my blog when keith was very ill. Some years ago Lisa was diagnosed with cervical cancer and was very ill. She fought the disease and won! Since then she works tirelessly for the Butterwick foundation and recently won a regional award as a community champion for her charity work. Lisa does so much for other people, it would be great if they won a copy of the book as it would mean they could really get the maximum from their visit. Even a chance they could meet up with you and we could see the photograph in our regional newspaper
    Cut & paste the link for details

  30. here is the report from our local newspaper

    Champion Volunteer/Charity Worker

    Nov 14 2009 by Evening Gazette

    LISA ASKEW - Winner

    WHEN they said ‘Butterwick Hospice’ I thought ‘that’s it - I’m going to die’,” said Lisa Askew, who was given a 50-50 chance when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, aged just 30.

    “But when I went it was nothing like I expected.”

    Lisa was bowled over by the support the hospice and other charities offered her. And she’s been repaying them ever since.

    She’s an avid fundraiser, a mascot for the Butterwick Hospice, a campaigner to lower the screening age for cervical cancer, an online mentor to women with the disease and a Cancer Research UK ambassador.

    The 33-year-old from Stockton fits her fundraising - including making key rings and armbands to raise awareness of cervical cancer - around her clerical job at North Tees University Hospital.

    Lisa, who married Andrew in the year she was diagnosed, said: “I’ve lost so many people that I went to the hospice with through cancer. I sometimes feel guilty that I came out of the other end and they didn’t.

    “Now my attitude is live for the day. If you can only help one person, you’ve done some good.”

    Lisa said she was bowled over to reach the finals.

    “I was shocked,” she said. “I didn’t expect it. I’m pleased about it because it was such a shock really.

    “So many people who do so many good things I didn’t think the little things I do would matter.

    “I feel really honoured.”

    Unusually, Lisa was nominated as a Community Champion by three different people.

    Lois Boothman, an alternate therapies nurse who treats cancer victims, Lisa’s husband Andrew and fellow fundraiser Stafford Scholes all put her name forward.

  31. okay. first of all, let me say that you are among the finest bloggers of this day and age. quite possibly, *the* finest blogger. and that blouse you're wearing today? oh one has ever, in the history of blouse-wearing, worn one quite so well.

    secondly, i am a shameless suck-up. sometimes i come here, and just kiss the page, hoping that in some small way:
    some of your loveliness rubs off on me; and
    maybe, just maybe, a little bit of my kiss will brush your cheek.

    all that said, really, this is about the book. that book looks like it would make my life complete. what couldn't i do with that book? what couldn't i become with that book? it's hard to say really.

    i think if i *did* have the book, i'd think of you every day - well, more so, since i think of you every day already (see paragraph on sucking up).

    it rains a lot here in wales. probably, that book would alleviate my suffering, to a large degree.

    did i mention that i have sick children, whose only dream is to get well and learn of nyc, only, in a quick-type manner...say 10 seconds? won't you fulfil their dream of a quick nyc experience?

    here's another thing about that book.
    if i got a book like that, i would definitely name my next child after the person who gave it to me. if, by some stroke of fate, i became unable to have another child, because of, i don't know, let's say husbanddoofusitis, i would name my cat after that person. a cat that is being forced on me, which i will surely find easier to love if i but had a 10 second nyc book.

    and finally? it's all moot, because if i *don't* receive the book, i'm going to order it anyway. ha HA.

    holly, the blogless blogger, has left the building.


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