my sky

Wintery morning sky .. Broadway at W. 79th Street looking east

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  1. You are so, so clever! This is a beautiful water-colory sky.

  2. There's this giant candy cane shaped break in the clouds. How cool is that!

  3. Wintery indeed and it does look cold! But what a terrific shot, Daryl!

    Hope you have a great weekend! Stay warm!


  4. I agree with the others, it looks cold. Beautiful pic.

    My entry

  5. I love the violet color of the cloud and yes we really did both have the same idea with the corner of the buildings in our respective cities.

  6. Hi are u?
    Moreless cold or not?here...everything its cold....arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    congrats for the shot,d ear

  7. I got a chill looking at that picture! Nice one.

  8. a fab thursday evening ms. daryl...nice capture of a cold pre-winter day in the big apple ;)
    we've snow in the forecast tomorrow, saturday and sunday...hoping it is a blow through.
    a little box was mailed off to you's from the kitten ^..^

  9. Lovely purple have pollen falling like me! ha

  10. Well captured..I like the swirling clouds...but usualy means "Snow is on the way" and chilly.


  11. Beautiful sky shot. Love the serious looking clouds.

  12. I love NYC, though have only been twice in my life...great winter sky shot, looks chilly there too.

  13. Daryl.....
    You just woke me up from the Bah humbug mood with your shoot!
    And you know - it takes A LOT to wake a woman up from that MOOD, right?

    This shot is breathtaking!
    Like there's a giant breaking through the clouds and YES.. I actually can hear him scream too ;)

    You ROCK Daryl!
    Thank you for saving my day :)

  14. Love the mood and the essence of city this photograph evokes.

  15. The "snow" looks like it is really falling from that moody winter sky. Gawgeous!

  16. There is not argument that it's a winter sky. BRRRRR!

  17. A wonderful sky with a little snow falling! Love it! Apparently we're gonna have a lot of snow this wekend, eh, Daryl? Going to run in to the city tomorrow morning to get some shots of the tree midtown and maybe down at the seaport. But first we're gonna stop at "Essa Bagel" bagels and coffee in the car downtown. :)

  18. It does look like winter in your
    'neck of the woods'.
    Just saw the evening news and the
    report of snow, snow , snow.
    Send a little down this way, puh-leez.

  19. I like the simple lines of rooftops. Sometimes when I am in NY and I feel overwhelmed by all that is going on, I look up and take in the water towers and the other simple things on the rooftops. I feel soothed. The sky is there. This is a great shot.


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