toonsday - caroling

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  1. Oh so true. Thank your husband for making me giggle.

  2. I have to agree with Ellen!
    very Funny-as always.

  3. Ain't that the truth!
    Well said Toonman!

  4. Cute one, Ray. "Jangled" is the word. I really can't take much more of the "beloved" Christmas music.

  5. Hear hear! Or how about waiting forever???

  6. This was great.... !!!!!!

    HEE-hee.. I have to say I gave my children their presents ahead of time...
    Even though I'll be with them on Christmas Day.. all 3 of them.

    By the way I change Internet Companies and have a new email..

    I'm going to email it to you.

    the best thing about changing Internet company.. I got a New Netbook.. only had to pay postage and handling $58.00; and my youngest son, who wants to be a scientist.. is thrilled with his own computer.

    I took my daughter for Sushi and to see The Nutcracker.. (she has too many material possession in the condo she rents... thought this was more fun and memorable and less clutter for her.. lol)

    You have a wonderful Holiday Season.. Happiest NEW YEAR too.

    I'm catching up on blogs.. since have not been reading too many; mainly skimming posts now and than.

    Hope all is great.

    Betty Ann

  7. that is a witty jingle bell toon!

  8. But, Toonman! The day after Christmas, there's those HORRID return lines at the stores! How 'bout we call the whole thing off?!

  9. At the rate I'm going, it WILL be Boxing Day before I get it all together.....possibly New Year's Eve:/


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