just for andrea

Andrea read my challenge to dot to post pix of fountains (even w/o water) and wondered if next we'd be challenged to post urinals and commodes.

I know not everyone is a cat lover but you have to admit this is adorable. Rosie likes to sit on the commode in the mornings as I 'do' my washing, brushing, make-up'ing


  1. No arguments here - absolutely adorable!!!

  2. "Our girl" is too cute for words. Am making sure "Ash" sees this!



  3. Cute cat picture and a funny post! She is probably out today trying to find a fountain!!

  4. LOL .. I hope it warmer there than here and that she has good luck..

    Nancy! So good to see you xox

  5. My friends cat loved to bat at the water when she is doing the wash. The cat will watch her put in the cloths and just play with the water. It is cute!

  6. Thanks .. I, of course, think she is adorable and tremendously photogenic ..

  7. I love it.....LOL Cute post. Isn't it fun to be able to laugh together?

  8. Okay `Flush' Gordon, I posted a fountain picture about three hours ago.....

  9. It is .. andrea .. and I love to laugh!

    David I am off to see your fountain! .. yours in water, Flush!

  10. That's so cute! My cat used to do the same thing.

  11. You mean my Rose isnt the smartest cat ever? LOL. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Shes so pretty!

    My Charlie actually gets into the shower with me... If I don't let him into the bathroom when I shower he will sit outside the door and just wail... lol

  13. When I get the water running for my shower, Rose comes to see what's up .. as soon as she sees it the shower she runs out and then sits outside the bathroom waiting ..


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