war child

Take a look over there on the right .. no, the right .. yes .. there ... now look down a bit and you'll notice there's a new 'patch' there.. it says:

You're not the only one... join us in our book to raise money for War Child.

Click here:'Bloggers for Charity'.

A couple of enterprising bloggers have started collecting written/blogged bits for what will be a very cool online book.

The full explanation and how-to rules are set out in Queen's English for all to read .. check it out and submit a piece or send cash .. seriously why are you still here? .. GO.. check it out... NOW. Click on the link, silly.


  1. What an interesting idea. I checked it out. I don't know if I'll participate. Some of the blogs I've come across are so articulate and thoughtful. And, of course, yours is just endlessly original. I never know what treasures I'll find here.

  2. I just keep wander around the internets clicking on interesting blogs and getting involved in all sorts of things.

    David McMahon over at authorsblog is amazing .. I have a link to his blog and its sort of my jumping off place .. right into all those tubes that make up the internets..

  3. God, those tubes are amazing. You never know where they will lead you. Sometimes to bridges that go nowhere, but other times to fascinating people. I will look at David's place.

  4. Sounds like a great idea, though I wouldn't have any idea what I could contribute to it.

  5. Thanks for the plug mate, much appreciated! And ANYONE can submit, you don't need to be a 'unique' blogger, after all, it's about 'real' people!

  6. From what I read at your blog, happyone, you have a lot to contribute.

    Anytime I'm sure... as Holly's Thrower says: Lush


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