what's it all about?

Its supposed to be all about love. This day.

It often ends up a tribute to candy and card makers, florists ... and if you can afford it jewelry.

The color red is sort of required.

The giving of hearts both real and man/woman made are also necessary.

Works for me.


  1. That's cute!
    My younger brother's name is Roy!

  2. Dont tell, but my honey who I usually call Husband isnt really named Roy .. however its a great name and a sort of jest between us.

  3. okay yes, love love love. but if that boy don't bring home a flower? he's gonna see what the couch feels like. and i can TELL you it's not comfy.

    i lie. i'd really settle for not having to make dinner tonight. that would take the place of a flower easily.

    i lie. i'd really REALLY settle for a well-placed compliment. oh GOD would i settle for that. one that *he* thought of himself. i know he's capable. a man with a phd is surely able to think of a nice thing to say to his wife. you'd think.

    ok, obviously v's day brings out the cranky side of me. i'll go now.

  4. Thanks for explaining because I was going to ask "WTF is Roy?" LOL

  5. Hmm... I haven't had a Valentine's gift in years... or birthday, Christmas, anniversary, mother's day... guess I've just gotten used to it.. lol
    If he even THOUGHT of bringing chocolate home I'd kill him... my diet started a few days ago and I'm still in that vumlerable stage! LOL

  6. Oh trust me, mine doesnt hand out compliments (even if he had a phd he wouldnt .. )and prezzies, well when your b'day is a week before v'day .. prezzies are often .. well its like being born near Xmas..

    AND mine plays cards on Thurs last week b'day was postponed for poker .. and I dont mean poker'ing me!

    Sounds like I could use a chocolate...

    And Anita.. stick to it .. you can do it ..

    Carole . he calls me Darly .. so I call him Roy .. arent we too cute?

    Happy Valentine, dot!

  7. pffft! That's what I've gotta say to V day. (only cause I got nuthin!)

  8. Cute post! Thanks so much for visiting me the other day and I'm sorry it took so long for me to get back with you. I've been babysitting alot. What a wonderufl blog you have!

  9. i recall that now! i was outraged.

    if you can't get poker'd on your birthday and/or valentine's day....

    i just don't know what to say. it's certainly a travesty.

    i think you need a pool boy.

    i'm just sayin'. ;)

  10. holly, I have longed for a pool boy of my own forevah .. perhaps we can pool our resources and get one to share amongst us .. I am very good, okay, I am good at sharing .. maybe I should get my own. yeah.

    Joan.. never apologize for life! :)

    vi .. pffft! often sez it all :)

  11. This holiday is a delightful confection! This is a neat post.

    Thanks for stopping by. God bless.

  12. Just called to say thanks for visiting. What a wonderful blog. I will be back later to read more!

  13. I like your post! I also Love your clock! that is so cool! I snagged your idea! :) happy valentines day!

  14. Snag away! I love your 'name' a.bananna

    Sandy Carlson, the mother of this lot .. I am so glad you could pop over!

    Thanks to all of you for stopping by .. have a sweet day!

  15. Aw .. you write the sweetest things! Hope your Valentine's Day was filled with lots o'hearts!

  16. Sigh. I just love Valentines Day. And this is my first one with my MM. I wonder what he will bring me? Or do for me? It will be something, he already alluded to that. But now I have to wait until tonight because he had to work today. Darn the luck.
    Ad no, you weren't overbearing with the Mac advice. I need the advice, its my first Mac! But so far, I love it.

  17. Happy Valentines! I'm just happy I'll get to down a bag of M&M's.

    Sad. True. :)

  18. mamageek, I gave the husband a bag of hershey kisses and a card I made .. he got me a card and a fuzzy heart keyring ..

    mielikki .. I am a Mac addict, please feel free to email or post and ask questions/get help .. see the upside of this is you can anticipate which in my vast (sic) experience is an aphrodisiac you cant beat!

  19. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment! It is always nice to see a new face!

    BTW - my daughter loves ducks and she would go crazy over that picture from your previous post!

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  20. I'm a little late replying to your Valentine's post, but early to wish you a Happy Easter. :) I hope you and Roy had wonderful celebration.

  21. Thank you all again ..

    Kimmy, its a friendly blog, let her come visit my duckies!

  22. may I add you to my links loving this blog!!sandy ibeati