old barns

Katney asked to be shown barns .. even this City Slicker's got a few barns in her photo stash ..

The first is in the Warren, CT area

these others were outside Franklin, TN on the way my friend's farm in Primm Springs


  1. Hey, that one with the stars on it is making a statement. Very cool. Thanks for sharing your barns.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I really should have done a barn post... I have LOTS of barn pics, living in Kansas... lol

  3. I love being the driver, as I told you Anita, then I can just pull over and snap what I see .. with the TN barns I was not the driver and I was making my friend nuts insisting she stop .. I missed a lot of good shots and I told her next trip I am not letting her drive!

    katney .. that barn was so cool .. actually I think there was an auction co. that owns it .. its probably no longer standing, that area got hit with a tornado a few weeks ago .. my friend's farm sustained a lot of damage.


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