shall we laugh?

A friend who considers herself and her life BORING sent me this:


  1. Looks like your friend sleeps more than she works. Introduce her to blogging and it will take over most of the pie. ;P

  2. I've seen that before but it's still true!

  3. She does blog! And you can see read it here

  4. That is so true for a lot of us, isn't it!

  5. Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard. I think you have to be the right age to appreciate this pie chart. My kids failed to see the humor LOL

  6. audrey .. I had to print the pie chart out and stick it on the fridge so I could look at/laugh at it everytime I forget what I was about to do!

    Anita... I like to pretend I forget things because my 'hard drive' (brain) is overloaded .. :)

    Thanks for stopping by .. come on back again!

  7. LOL! This is so funny!

    If I stop to pray I find
    what I am looking for. It
    saves time.

    Have a Blessed Happy Fun
    Healthy Creative Year!!!

  8. helena .. you must see the rest of the charts ...

  9. Daryl - I return to this post frequently because it still makes me laugh.

    I was wondering if I could take a copy of the image please and use it on my blog - with a link to you and your friend who supplied it of course.


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