she dared me!

dot over at Strolling Through Georgia 'challenged' her readers and other bloggers to "..go get a picture of a water tower...Go Everyone!!" Well in NYC a challenge is a dare!

While NYC has water holding containers atop many a high rise apartment building we dont have a lot of water towers spotting the urban-scape. BUT! I did take a photo of a water tower while in the Cape May, NJ area a mere 3 hrs off the M104 route this past September ..

And now I CHALLENGE you ... show me an interesting fountain ..

This one is in Bryant Park at 42nd St/Sixth Avenue ..


  1. Just to say hi (come from David's blog) like this great shot of a watertower - and fancy the idea of a fountain - sure I've got a few somewhere....see what I can come up with! Nice blog....and nice cookies...!

  2. Oh you stinker! You got me there. lol. I'll be on the look out for a fountain. It probably won't be anything unusual unless I really get lucky.
    Love your tower picture!

  3. ....Fountains posted on mine on this blog,

    (Voyage is main page).

  4. Ah .. one good challenge deserves another .. LOL .. no rush on the fountain ..

    And I loved your fountain(s) Julie, I am glad you found your way here .. David is the blogger's den 'mother' he's always got something special going ..

  5. rofl ......nice one re David...he's a very good sport!

    Glad you enjoyed the fountains!

  6. G'day from the ``den mother'' (that's a great description. I like it!!)

    Fountains are shut down here in Melbourne because of the drought, but I've got a coupla things up my sleeve!!!

  7. I came back to tell you that the fountains are also shut down in Georgia due to the drought. My husband reminded me when I asked if he knew where any good ones were.
    I'm wondering what David will come up with. Whatever it is I'm sure I won't be able to top it. lol

  8. I dont' think I've ever seen a water tower in the uk! (I don't get around much!)

  9. Haha... That is a very unique and interesting fountain. Nice shot!

    Alex's World! -

  10. the time I read Dot's blog I had already posted mine for today and had no time to go back. I am sure you made her day with your water tower. And fountains now, I will have to look around but since I live in the same area as Dot I am sure she is right on the fountains not working due to the drought. Maybe I can prove her wrong. LOL

  11. Oh that is sad about the drought .. but you dont have to photograph them spouting water .. :)

  12. I just knew you were going to say that!

  13. Oh Sharon those are awesome .. I dated, a million years ago, a guy who was stationed at NAS in Jax!

  14. I just saw this post about fountains. I did one way last year. It's just a small fountain in our little town but here's the link:


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