sign posts

50th Street west of Sixth Avenue
 aka Avenue of the Americas


  1. Aha I see you're branching out! I do believe I have been there, very colourful.

  2. if you run this establishment Daryl, it has to be good!

  3. Something new and different to try for lunch!

  4. This looks like your new camera at work? However, it is the shooter that counts and your subject is so familiar that one takes it for granted that tasty unfamiliar foods are available for the trying, if not actually on the street.

  5. Interesting... if my foggy precaffeinated memory is correct "halal" is the Muslim version of "kosher". Yes, a quick consultation of Google confirms that half asleep or not, the memory is correct.

    Daryl the bridge builder! If only there were more such enterprising individuals.

    Oh, and the shot is fabulous too. Very real, very human. I can't pull the right word out. But I love it!

  6. are those roasted chestnuts i spy?
    the snow is coming, the snow is coming and i am sooo not ready for it.

  7. hee hee
    «Louis» caught the 'dedelstein' grille....

    This 'dedelstein' seems to be everywhere in New Yawk...

  8. grille baby grille!

    that second guy appears to have noticed he's on candid camera

  9. That one guy doesn't appear to be too happy about having his picture snapped!!!

    I've never had this type of food. It's a shame we have such little time in the city...I'd like to take the Eating Tour D'Edelstein;)

  10. Heh, heh! A little Photoshopping there?

    You do have a sense of humor!

  11. You didn't tell us you had your own lunch truck;)

  12. For me - this picture is one of the things I imagine about NYC.

    Thanks my friend. It's great.

  13. Your world and my world are so completely different. We can buy food in the summer when they have country market sales. As I have told people before, I live in the same area as the Little House on the Prairie. Your world is far more fascinating.

  14. What is halal food...says the girl from the South??? LOL.

  15. You are always so clever at getting your name into the photos. I need to just GET them in, never mind clever!

  16. Excuse my ignorance but what is Halah food?

  17. Now, those signs are the kind that make my mouth water...

    My word verification is skiers. What a co-inky-dink!


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