After spending 4+ hours yesterday migrating data from one iMac to another the hard way, due to NOT having the proper FireWires, ToonMan remembered he needed something else from the old iMac which is scheduled to be flattened (an IT term for restoring to factory settings) when I get enough energy to do it OR in one weeks time whichever comes first.

I decided that rather than repeat the machinations of the previous migration, I would go get a Belkin 6'/1.6m 9-Pin to 6-Pin FireWire 800/400. 

Apple has a store within walking distance so off I went. A very nice young woman welcomed me and asked how she could help. She had no idea the can of vent she was opening. I told her the horror story of the migration and how I could not believe that Apple did not make the need of this 'fast' connector known. Its not in the lovely welcome to your new iMac video nor is it mentioned anywhere in the purchase process.
She listened politely, then she told me that the info about the firewire was in the specifications section on the web page. I said well when you've owned an Apple for 20+ yrs. you don't check the specs. She nodded, adding, 'and its on the box'
I said ah well our's came in a cardboard shipping box cradled in plastic wrap and styrofoam.  Oh, she said, you bought it online.  Yes.
How old is the older iMac? she asked, because, she 'thought' it might have had both a 'fast' and a 'normal' firewire slot.   It doesn't.
Then we went to find the damn cord and guess what? 

It wasn't on the 'wall' so she goes into the back and comes out with a friend .. they both tell me how sorry they are its sold out ...  how if  only I had been there an hour earlier.
The friend then backs away as I say: Okay, now go into the back and bring me one your techs use, I will leave you my wallet and my iPhone and I will be back in 2 hrs.  She said all the wires are connected to projects.  I say I am not a happy woman.  She says I understand ... but Best Buy carries them ... and they have a store 3 blocks away!
Off I go.  Best Buy is staffed with morons.  No one offers to help you. I finally find someone.  'Firewires?' I ask.  He points to a wall.  I go over and look, he follows asking what connector do I need?  I tell him.   He insists my old iMac has both high and normal speed slots.  After I dissuade him, he tells me the firewire I need is sold out.  I turn and leave. I do not even say thank you.  Which by the way,  I do even when I am being sarcastic.  I am not a nice person and these people brought out the absolute worst in me... and part of me enjoyed it.  The other part is exhausted.

And in the end ... well, see for yourself.

edited to add: Dianne sent ToonMan that t-shirt!  Thanks, Di!


  1. Love Ray's T-shirt. Feel your pain on the migration.

    A possible alternative: find a USB hard drive in the 500Gb range (usually about $85)

  2. Ugh I went through the same thing but my Apple store had one for me. Everyone else (online help.. phone help) were completely and utterly stupid about it. As if it's not a problem for so many. Can I mail mine to you to use until your migration is complete? I'll need it back afterward because my backup drive is old firewire.

  3. Rosie is the mastermind behind it all. Bring her with you next time, she will set them straight for sure.
    Sounds miserable...

  4. OMG!!! I was getting quite the headache until I saw that last beautiful shot....

  5. There's nothing worse than technical trouble coupled with bad service. But it did make for a funny blog post.


  6. Problems like that make my head spin. I feel your pain sort of. Toonman looks compfy and relaxed

  7. I would have been so pissed off, I would have freaked out...totally!! I wonder if you had completely blown up if they would have found one for you. Perhaps you could have suggested returning the new Mac?? For the price of one, I'm surprised they didn't provide you with some sort of an answer. I hope by now you have found one!

  8. Oh good grief what a SAGA! OMG ROFLMAO at Ray's wonderful t-shirt!

  9. Ugh, there is nothing as frustrating or stress-inducing as computer hassles. Hope yours get sorted very soon without anyone needing to go to jail for assault and battery to make that happen.

  10. I have to smile at this....
    you are spot on about Best Buy
    morons.. I have had more than one
    teeth grinding conversation with
    the sales people. I would have loved to have been in the store while you were searching for the

  11. Even with everything you've been through, I still miss my Mac!

  12. Didn't I give you grief one day just for owning a Mac? or was that TBNIL?

    Still - I feel your pain. Except here - The Man just does it all and I stand around looking cute and dumb - so nothing out of the norm really.

  13. I have no idea what you are talking about of course, not being computer literate, but I get the idea. It's bad! Sales people are NO help! And thank God I don't have a Mac! Also, thank God for my son-in-law and people like you who help me.

    And I really LOVE Toonman's T.

  14. After a while you have to adopt an attitude of bemused resignation when it comes to computer issues or you will blow a gasket. And I don't care what you say, you are a nice person--at least online.

  15. Having had a week of tech meltdowns (server related) I can relate. Poor you!

  16. I made three trips to get a firewire to go to my mac. The third person I spoke with was not a moron and walked over and handed it to me. I feel your agony, pain, disgust and stress. I still like mac.

  17. ahhhh the toon man looks so handsome!
    what was the rest of the post about? ;)

  18. sorry for all the headaches.but toon man has a pretty cool shirt.

  19. I need to take you with me when I deal with morons. I AM a nice person dammit! (But as the estrogen digresses and there is more residual testosterone, I'm getting better.)

  20. What a horror story!

    But that last pic is priceless!!!

  21. OMG! LOVE the shirt! And the kitty. And hate stupid best buy..


    ps. LOVE the new header.. so behind! Sorry.

  22. Best Buy is full of morons! My son and his fiance bought their computer there and have had it back in there I don't know how many times. They can't fix it right!

    Love the photo of the Toon Man and his "supervisor".


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