my sky

This interesting crane vane
is atop a kiosk on West 83 Street
just west of Broadway
(I added a little of's Vibrance and Gritty effects)

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  1. I know that bird! And I know the peeps I was with when I first was it!

  2. Very cool.
    The DIANA weather vane from atop the old Madison Square Garden
    is now atop the stair case at the Philadelphia Museum of Art - and one of the talismans of my childhood.

    Aloha, Daryl

    Comfort Spiral

  3. That crane vane is a fantastic find, and I like the buildings and the gritty effects too. :)

  4. Looks sort of like those dragons in that ... what was that movie? Oh yeah, "Reign of Fire". Lousy movie, but some interesting special effects.

    Anyway, this guy looks like he could do some damage! Nice use of shadow to give it that "foreboding" look.

  5. What a terrific capture, Daryl! Terrific weather crane vane! You do get some of the best shots! Love it!


  6. Soaring into heaven! Beautifully captured.

    Not for nothing Peter Matthiessen called his book about cranes "The Birds of Heaven".

  7. Great shot, great angle, great effects! Thank you for sharing.

  8. The crane vane is beautiful! I've never seen one like this. A great angle too!

  9. Just loved this shot, and I allready know this one will be one of my favourites this week :-) loved the way you coloured it to.

    Nice weekend from Anne in Norway.

  10. At first I thought a living crane had landed on the weather vane. Great shot!

  11. Great angle, did you apply an effect because it almost looks like a halo all around it, or is that just the light?

  12. Weather vanes always interest me for some odd reason I haven't photographed very many. Your image is fantastic!
    Joyce, IL, USA

  13. Great angle. I bet you were craning your neck to get that shot. ;)

  14. hey the crane.
    you know what, i've always wanted a weather vane atop my abode...but has not happened yet :)
    maybe some day....

  15. You have captured such great light in this's a delight!

  16. That's a neat vane. Beautiful bird, even if he is a bit of a snob! Wonderful shot.

  17. This may be one of my favorite Daryl Shots yet.

    Allow me to get deep for a second and say that the W of the West and the E of East jump out as We. The bird is flying off with us..."we" are going flying. Then to really get deep, that makes me think that if the bird really were flying off with us (we) we'd be yelling, "Weeee!"

    It's a great photo that works well with my extremely vivid imagination.

  18. Oh, Annie is quite clever.

    I remember that bird, too.

  19. Wow. Great angle--the bird really looks like he's (or she's) about to take off...

  20. I love that unusual weather vane. My grandmother had two. One had a rooster on it and one had a teapot!

  21. Love the weather vane but expecially like the lines of the building on each side. GREAT view, as always, my dear.

  22. I love this, Daryl. I would love a large print of this in a dark brown frame, in my bedroom. I can't put my finger on exactly what it is, but something speaks to me.


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