toonsday - funhouse mirror

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  1. Ah, yes! The Lion King and the Funhouse Mirror!

  2. oh no! is she messing with your mind again?
    she's very powerful ya know

  3. Very clever Toonman, funny.... and it is interesting how others see us.

  4. LOL
    I needed a good laugh today, that was a great toon

  5. God, that's a riot!

    But is it true?

    Re: Villas. We don't have chateaus in Florida, silly!

  6. That's the mirror that hangs in the travel agency. They use it to convince you to purchase a vacation.

    Well, as you say, perhaps the wife is involved...

  7. I LOVE it! As I recall, that's how Toon Man got his start. You go Ray!

  8. OK, what do the squiggly lines mean? And I had such a great streak going!

  9. Does this mean that you had your doubts Ray? LOL!


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