painted dogs

 toonman insisted
 these were hyenas
 he was wrong
 i told him
 you're wrong they are painted dogs
 he said
 they look like hyenas

 well maybe
they are not

  they are
 painted dogs aka african wild dogs

 these are 2 of a litter of 6 
only a few months old 
they live with their parents
 in a large habitat 
 lots of room
 be seen
the cincinnati zoo 

if you'd like to know more about them here's a link


  1. Oh no! Don't show Chloe or now she'll want painted dog puppies instead of wolf puppies! They are really lovely creatures.

  2. Does Toonman know how lucky he is to have somebody who keeps him straight?

  3. Before I read this, I thought they WERE hyenas!
    Sure are beautiful creatures.

  4. I like so much African Wild Dogs. I have some doccumentary about them.


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