weekend blather

this weekend
 it was 
almost spring like 
you didnt mind
 a coat and scarf 

the sun was strong
 the cold wind stronger

 early home 

 massage facial lunch
some shopping
 my oldest dearest friend

beautification and an hour spent with an apple genius

 i am not going to bore you with the details
 the headache 
i got from the whole thing 
is finally fading
 i am optimistic
  the issue is resolved
 if its not 
 i am not ready to even think about it 

lets all look at the pretty shadows
 i spied
 the upper eastside 
my way to the spa  


  1. Enjoyed looking at pretty shadows on wall Daryl :) Hope headache is long gone, I know how that feels!

  2. Lovely shot! It still is that time of year when it's best to take a coat and hat along. My toque ends up in my backpack before long, but it helps in the morning.

  3. What a wonderful photograph this is, Daryl.
    It looks like the perfect spring day. xo.

  4. Lovely. It was a pretty weekend, but I was inside most of the time making lace (and co-running a workshop). I had a great time, but now it's time to get back to real life. :)

  5. That's so nice to see the trees blooming for you. I've got this impression of NY still being in full winter! No idea what that's about...except maybe that this winter seemed so never ending for you and so...not even there...for me.

  6. How lovely - spring is starting!


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