waiting, impatiently

Caught between Citarella and the Dessert truck!


  1. such sad faces, I'd be hauling dog treats in my pockets if I saw all these dogs.

  2. Such sad eyes they have but I can imagine them lighting up when their owner returned! :)

  3. the sad eyes are the first thing I notice
    and the golden one has such an anxious stance
    I hope their human had treats for them

  4. If they are tied up when I visit you, I'm taking them home. Just saying.

  5. Labs can put on the biggest sad sack face I've ever seen! HA

  6. They will be very happy when they see their human, sure!!

  7. The sad labs were glad to see Dad. (Or mom, but that didn't rhyme.)

    They look lovable and pettable, but not exactly thrilled to be there.

  8. Oh, such a common site in the city. I don't mind when the owners are just going in and out of a store real quick but it does make me uncomfortable because there are a lot of dog snatchers around that wait for these moments.
    What I really hate is when they tie a dog up to a pole thats extrememly close to the street, especially in a bus stop and the dog is literally inches away from buses pulling into stops and cars, etc. Some people are walking zombies. . .brainless.
    I digress. . .love the dogs :)

  9. I love labs. My grand dog Jake, a chocolate lab, is visiting right now.
    They just have sad eyes...whenever their master is not RIGHT by their side. They are such people dogs, and they are just the BEST =)

  10. Those two look like they just lost their last friend. Poor babies.

  11. The canine version of being caught between Scylla and Charybdis?

  12. Another great catch. Dogs want to be with their owners, wherever they are - it doesn't matter!

    The "golden" one looks much like Haley after we had the latter trimmed recently.

  13. Adorable and such sad eyes.

    "Dog Speak"

    But wait...
    When my human finally shows up. My eyes will twinkle and I will be so happy.

    Now that's an image I would like to see. Lol

    Nice shot.

  14. I thought it was "caught between the moon and New York City." I'm going to go ask Peter Allen about this...

    (cutie pups as always, btw!)

  15. I'm sure they could smell the desserts. Must have been torture!

  16. Black and white,
    poz & neg,

    sweet and sweeter!

    Aloha, Dar

    Comfort Spiral

  17. My uncle Paul had a black lab named Champ. He was beautiful. These two are soooooooo adorable. I love labs! They are my fave dogs. Cheers!!

    P. S. Your pics and subjects are fabulous!

  18. I love their puppy dog eyes and the vibrant colour of the background makes a great shot.

  19. They both look like they want to get outta there!

  20. Awwww... They both look so sad. And old. I guess that's actually the same thing that is happening to me. Sagging eyes & droopy jowls, LOL! I feel better already.


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