how i spent saturday

At 10 a.m. yesterday morning I was beginning to get dressed, sipping coffee when my cellphone rang

Kate! Where are you?

Parked by a fire hydrant, near West End Avenue?

Stay there, I will put on clothes and be there in a minute

I did and that was how yesterday started.

CountryGirl Kate braved possible axe murder by peoplewhoblogbutmightbenotwhotheysay and drove to New Yawk to spend a day with ME! plus the added incentive of meeting Lauren and Ann!

We took a walk through Riverside Park to the 79th Street Boat Basin

Four women bloggers, four cameras

All that walking, talking, photographing made us hungry and thirsty so we headed to the sushi I promised Kate and the cooked food I promised Lauren. We met my non-blogger foodie friend Wendy at Momoya on Amsterdam where we sat outside in the sunshine and had some wonderful food, drink and conversation
I added a little grit to this shot taken by Wendy, who you can see reflected in the window.

After lunch we headed off on a mission to find a window box to hold the dirt that Ann and Lauren brought me from Connecticut.
thank you both SO much for that
The old window box had been tossed last summer
I am convinced it was cursed with bad juju
everything I planted in it, died.

And as you can see, we did find one,
at a very chic florist where I had the choice of
$95 metal or $28 dollar plastic version,

I bet you thought I'd go for the metal one.

Alas the Cinderellas had to head home but before they did we gathered for a blog shot shot

Husband took this one in front of our building.


  1. A great day and great pictures! Hope your window box garden is successful.

  2. Speedy Gonzalez! You got this up lickety split! It was such a fun day. All our friends need to come visit us here. And, we're not axe murderers, right Kate? ;) And I loved my lunch! I cannot believe you already took a pic of the dirt. I have a feeling that amenable husband had a hand in this.....;) And I cannot wait for Tuesday!

  3. Yes, what will you plant in the window box Daryl?

    So sorry I missed all the fun...oh well. Late (and disturbed) nights for grandmothers and babies (and nursing mothers) are not much fun! We all had a very quiet day!

    Maybe next year. Ha ha!


  4. standing so close to my hotel - i can almost reach out and touch it daryl! another lovely bloggy meeting - what fun - and everyone looking so spring-like in shirt sleeves too!

  5. Fantastic shots!! such a fun bunch of axe murders your all are!
    Looks like the weather was wonderful. looking forward to the flowers you will plant and show.

  6. oh i am so all got to meet and have a lunch and walk about...and what did i do today...MOW
    oh daryl, check out pics of my new kit. i finally posted some glamour shots of her. we celebrated our first week together last night. she is quite a little dear one ^..^
    so glad you all got to meet up, that was neat.

  7. ahhh what a bunch of beauties !!! i am so jealous... in a good way of course :)
    i love blogger meetings!
    this is laura by the way stupid blogger wont let me sign in

  8. Damn, girl. You are fast! I've only just begun looking at my pics. This is great! And how good to meet all of you.
    And I am so glad you all didn't turn out to be axe murderers!

  9. Now there's a group!! Such fun.

    Looks like your planter gets lots of sun. Remember to see if they are sun tolerant - like begonias or geraniums. Even those common marigolds do well in the sun and if rabbits do make it to your window box, they don't like marigolds!

  10. The first photo is the winner, except that the one at the table is pretty good, too.

    Looks to be a really good time was had by all.

    Kudos to Hubby for filling in with the camera as needed.


  11. that.
    Looks like you all had fun!

  12. Awwww FABULOUS way to spend a Saturday and some great happy piccies too.

  13. Awww what a nice day. I wanna go to NY and meet all the non axe murderers!

  14. HOW GREAT!! What a fun group it looks like. LOVE what you did with that group photo at the table. That deserves an enlargement and mounting! A memento for everyone. Nice job! Nice day. :)

  15. That must have been so much fun to meet fellow bloggers that you have so much in common with and... like each other too. Thanks for sharing that.

  16. I shall send out good vibes for the new window box :)

    what a lovely group of beautiful women!!

    and everyone lived to tell the tales

  17. Hey this is great and I love such impromptu kind of arrangement over one phone call and catch up with girlfriends :D

    I wish I was there with all you lovely GALS :D

  18. The most beautiful motely crew I have ever laid eyes upon.

  19. What a fabulous day! We need to repeat it on a regular basis. And I hope the weather is as perfect every time we gather. Till the next gathering, my friend...

    xoxfrom one ax murder to anotherxox

  20. Visiting and I love it when you guys get together! I live vicariously :)

    Wonderful shots :)

  21. Very jealous of the gathering. Sounds like a wonderful day. I'm definitely looking you up when/if I ever get to NYC!

  22. One of the coolest things about blogging is that you get introduced to people from so many different and diverse places. Even cooler is when you once in a while meet some of these very cool people in the three dimensional world. I can't think of a single axe murderer I've met that that way.

    Looks/sounds like you got your party on pretty good!

  23. How cool is that! I want to come too. Dang.

  24. Just how long did it take Kate to drive from Maryland to NYC. and come just for the day? And the Boss always says when I'm going to meet a blogger that one of these days a lonely 65 year old man is going to show up......I hope he has money!!
    p.s. why did they bring you dirt from Connecticut...can't you get dirt in the city?

  25. Best of luck with your planting. Had I a single piece of advice, I would share it with you. However, since I buy all my produce and flowers and often kill them all before we get home, I will keep my advice to myself.

  26. Very nice! My blogger friends talk about F2F but so far it hasn't happened.

    I also keep looking for axe murderers but haven't seen any. In fact the worst thing I've seen in the city was a man got hit by a car on Vernon Ave, and that wasn't even as bad as that film I watched in Driver's Ed in HS.

  27. Now I know who Kate is! :)
    Wonderful fun day. This green-eyed lady admits to being green with jealousy. I have a camera and I can drive... Wonderful shots. You are all beaming and I'm glad all of you had a blast!

  28. What fun. Daryl! And what a gift! Big bag of dirt from Conneticut! :)

  29. Thanks for the link Daryl, I enjoyed that, loved the grit photo very colourful with some very charming ladies...True


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