thursday in the hood

Not just a place to rent a bike
or a row boat
spend an afternoon biking 'round the lake or
rowing on the lake
and if you get hungry
there's also a restaurant


  1. Sounds like a delightful way to spend an afternoon! I cannot ride my bike anymore, but the gondola sounds kind of interesting!!

  2. Why I don't get into NYC more often....
    That said, see you on Saturday! Can't wait!

  3. I love the way you signed this photo.

  4. Sounds like fun, especially on a warm summer's day =)

  5. Been there often, Daryl! It's a lovely place to watch the boats! I've posted about your "Pay it Forward" gift at Work of the Poet. thanks again! :)

  6. Next time I go to New York I plan to have a meal, or maybe just a cocktail at that restaurant!

  7. Sounds like there's something for everyone Daryl! :)

  8. A great sign! Have to giggle at the idea of renting a bike from a boathouse though.

  9. reminds me of my bike ride through central park - thanks for the reminder!!!


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