Boy, am I glad Kate wasn't here today

It was another beautiful day here in the 'hood.
The sun was shining, adding a vibrance to the day.

There was the annual street festival along Broadway
from 72nd to 86th Streets.
There was a lot to buy and eat.
In addition to these lovely 'pashmina' shawls ...

There was a lot to see.

the Counterfit Designer Perfume busts!!

I stopped to snap these very gritty vignettes

As we walked on and passed another perfume vendor,
I remarked 'he doesn't know he's about to be busted'

my friend Wendy disagreed, 'no', she said
'I think someone just turned that one vendor in.'

When I walked back uptown I passed this ..
the vendor whose arrest I foresaw.

Good thing Kate wasn't here,
her co-workers would learn of this and say:
see! there's a felon on every street!

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