Boy, am I glad Kate wasn't here today

It was another beautiful day here in the 'hood.
The sun was shining, adding a vibrance to the day.

There was the annual street festival along Broadway
from 72nd to 86th Streets.
There was a lot to buy and eat.
In addition to these lovely 'pashmina' shawls ...

There was a lot to see.

the Counterfit Designer Perfume busts!!

I stopped to snap these very gritty vignettes

As we walked on and passed another perfume vendor,
I remarked 'he doesn't know he's about to be busted'

my friend Wendy disagreed, 'no', she said
'I think someone just turned that one vendor in.'

When I walked back uptown I passed this ..
the vendor whose arrest I foresaw.

Good thing Kate wasn't here,
her co-workers would learn of this and say:
see! there's a felon on every street!


  1. Ha! And axe murderers. Don't forget about them!
    Looks like a lot of fun. Wish I could have stayed. Maybe next time we'll get a room up by Central Park . . .

  2. I will definitely come in for this next year! Especially if an arrest or two is involved.

  3. When I was in Florence Italy the vendors would call each other to alert of the bust. Last time I was in China Town they had a massive bust and closed it all down. Figures the day I wanted to buy a knock off the entire NYPD knocked off the entire street! Talk about being at the right place and the right time with your camera.

  4. About time someone turned in the spammers of famous brands!

  5. oooo...a street fair. love them.
    and the weather...beautiful. how perfect for being out and about :)

  6. I love how you share the city, all these things I miss. I mean I rally miss them. Dailylife!

  7. Nope. The axe murderer is safely ensconced in Connecticut. And she is sobbing her way through all the Memorial Day Services. I do wish I had an axe......

  8. I wonder if that fake perfume smells even remotely like the real thing?

  9. I love street fairs!!! And I love that you share yours with us!! And those beautiful colorful shawls....are so, so nice! Glad you enjoyed your weekend, Daryl!

  10. I can assure you Kate isn't the only one who thinks like that...although I assume when you live up in that you don't see it yourself, it becomes second nature. The place I use to live (up until two years ago) I think I saw cops 12 years outside of going looking for the cops myself for passport it's not an everyday I've said before..fascinating..would have liked to get my hands on one of those pashmina shawls..

  11. Love the pashminas. As for the perfume, I'd rather watch the bust than make a purchase - it makes me sneeze LOL.

  12. Your first two photos are gorgeous!

    Love the ones of the busts! You really caught them. and, as judi said, you share the city so beautifully. I enjoy your posts so much.

  13. Gosh,all very exciting - Law and Order for real!

  14. I didn't see a bottle of faux Axe on that table, so at least your cops aren't Axe murderers.

  15. Now see I would have assumed that the vendor you thought was gonna get busted was the one that dimed the one you saw getting busted. At least until he got busted himself. Which might not have happened if he hadn't tried to get an unfair leg up on his competition.

    See? Crime doesn't pay!

  16. What a beautiful day.. to watch COPS LIVE on the streets of NYC! Is it wrong that this made me laugh?

  17. Oh my!! I didn't realized they went after those fake perfume sellers. Great effect on those photos! I really love the first shot too.

  18. i don't know how i feel about that! don't the cops have some REAL criminals to arrest?

  19. And to think we were right in your neighborhood last weekend - visiting the Musuem of Natural History, among other touristy spots. I'm sad I missed that street festival.

  20. I don't know who Kate is but I enjoyed the post, especially those lovely shawls. Your posts are so interesting; it's as if I'm walking near you. A friend brought me back a surprise gift: a turquoise silk shawl from China. I haven't worn anything but black ones until now.


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