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On the side of 88 Perry Street,
the old building at the corner of Bleecker in Greenwich Village,
there's an beautiful blue-and-white mosaic in the shape of the door.
In the center, it says "AÑO 1868."
The story goes that, when the building was renovated in 1972,
the owners commissioned Senior Rodrigues,
an artist from Seville,
to created a mural for a recessed part of the wall.
Since then, it's become a kind of a local landmark.


  1. Very impressive. Adds a lot to the area, no doubt.

  2. A Wedgewood Door... sorta. Pretty cool!

  3. I don't remember seeing his but will look if and when I come down to the Village. I use to live by the Strand for a summer. Thanks for your info on my book post. Please read the book. See your stove/drawer issues still going on:) Gotta love Con Ed. Still wondering if your post from the other day has a real or fake dog on the left in the photo?

  4. That might take the cake for pics of doors this week Daryl. It's beautiful!

  5. btw - I too wondered if that was a real dog outside the demolition place. I'm guessing fake - but it is really hard to tell!

    Is it a dog leaning against a tombstone?

  6. I'd take the long way just to be able to pass by that door each day:) Beautiful!

  7. Love it Daryl..Good one!

    Back from Richmond..having a quieter week!

  8. Hey Daryl..
    Thanks for stopping by for the giveaway.. I'll be drawing and posting the winner tomorrow morning. Good Luck!

  9. As well it should be a landmark, how gorgeous!

  10. How wonderful! This would be a landmark for me, too.

  11. Another beauty! And such a marvelous shade of blue.

  12. What a beautiful painting! It looks real. Very intricate paintwork.

  13. The next time I am in Greenwich Village, I am taking this shot. This is awesome! I love it. I really love it. (can you tell?)
    When I stayed in NY last December, we were right down the street! I missed this!

  14. Wonderful blue door. Yes, doesn't look like it originated in NYC. Reminds me of Tsefat, where there is a lot of that blue. I guess it's a Mediterranean color.

  15. This my favorite of your door shots. It is so pretty and appears to be glowing. I love it!

  16. That is stunning. How wonderful to live in a place where you can see such beauty. Love it!

  17. this is so lovely. i'm a sucker for blue & white pretty things.

  18. It is NOT Ano 1868, it's: Año 1868... ano in Spanish means anus. Love your blog!



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