foodie friday #24

A few months ago YELP had an offer I couldnt refuse.
$40 for $80 worth of food at Hatsuhana.
Hatsuhana is in my humble opinion the best sushi restaurant in New York City
The Best.
The sushi restaurant where I ate sushi for the first time
I was going to go with an expression that after consideration 
I decided was simply inappropriate as this post contains mention
of a friend of mine, Kate, who can be bawdy but is always a lady.

Kate, her son Matt and her friend Margie
joined me for sushi one very cold day in December
We ate such wonderful food
for dessert
I had green tea ice cream topped with red bean sauce


  1. sure does LOOK good Daryl!!! I will take your word for it...that it tasted good as well!!

  2. One of those combinations I'd probably skip, but now that you say it is LOOKS good.

  3. Ok. I admit it. I am bawdy and I love beans on green tea ice cream. Whouda thunk?!

  4. You can have the sushi, but I'll take the ice cream and ? Red bean sauce? Hmmm....

  5. I've had green tea ice cream before and did not like it. Red bean sauce sounds wrong but looks right. Still, I'll pass on dessert but please pass the sushi!

  6. What a Christmassy looking dessert! I wanna go there!

  7. Now I gotta go get green tea ice cream... thanks!

  8. late, late, I'm really running very late...I would try that, never had it before, but I would try it!

  9. Looks lip smacking.. You've got a great blog.. Following you.. Hailing from India, I am curious about other cultures.. My blog may interest you too..!

  10. Ahhh, thank you for the sushi reccomendation! I've been looking for a decent place that doesn't cause almost-immediate sickness. I have to check them out!

  11. hehe....I was wondering what kind of sushi the photo was of.

    Sushi, no thank you....that ice cream, yes please!


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