its cold outside

not Australians 
complaining about the heat
is complaining
its cold

 its winter
 its not 
 to be 



  1. Yes, I keep hearing it is a little cool over there at the moment.

    Not all the Australians are complaining about the heat anymore, some of us are complaining about the rain and the wet and floods again!!
    It has turned quite unusually cool for February here. Quiet nice for a change. Guess it can't last. ;-(

    Stay safe and well in the cold Daryl. Great photo!

  2. hee hee, cold indeed, winters are supposed to be. it was crispy -10C / 14F early this morning, but... it looks like the sun might make a brief appearance. in the last 2,5 months southern finland has seen only 18 hrs of sunshine, that WAS depressing.

    sun and the icicles mean that spring is just around the corner! i do hope that when i roam the streets of manhattan in just 2 weeks i will have done wisely to leave my heaviest winter coat home...

  3. watch out for falling icicles!
    Bitter cold here, but luckily no snow in the forecast

  4. It's winter and I love it.
    Unless an icicle falls on your head and puts out an eye.

  5. So true. Personally I'm happy to see the cold and snow. It makes me nervous when the seasons don't shape up the way they're supposed to.

  6. We can always rely on there being something to be say about the weather. Well said by you, Daryl.

  7. icicles this long always make me think of stalactites!

  8. We in the gas industry love cold weather!! Turn your thermostate up, burn that gas!! Chesapeake, Devon, Exxon, etc need the money.

  9. Haha people should be rugging up and enjoying the cool weather! It must be nice not to be all sweaty as soon as you go outside.

  10. I know, I know, but it's just been that real bitter cold for very long stretches here.
    We usually get a bit of a break, but none so far. :-(
    Great perspective here, Daryl.

  11. Gah indeed!! I never complain about the weather Daryl! Don't look at my post for tomorrow hahahahaha!

  12. p.s. I enjoyed your lethal looking icicles, cool!

  13. I love those big dagger like icicles
    we get them from the overhang at the back of the house
    I sometimes fantasize about using one as a weapon and then just melting the evidence

  14. It is indeed cold outside - and when the wind is really howling - it seems extra cold inside. That's what layers are for and cuddling up under big blankets and wearing merino wool socks!

    I had no idea there were so many water towers in New York my friend. What an amazing photo you have at the top of the page!

    Been a long time - hasn't it?!

  15. And it's snowing here, too, but it's not sticking, hurrah. I ain't a snow person no mo'.

  16. Yep...and those same people will be complaining when it's hot. Have to say I love every season. Each one has something to offer. Embrace it!'ll stay warmer with a hug!

  17. Those killer icicles remind me of a gift I got for Christmas...a corksicle. Looks just like an icicle with a cork at the top. Put it in the freezer, let it get cold, and stick it in a bottle of chardonnay to keep it cold after opening, or in a red wine to chill it to drinking temperature.

    My problem is I forget it's in the freezer and never use it.

    Yes, indeed, it is winter. In a few weeks we'll blink and be dealing with Amazon heat and humidity.

  18. I know! Geez people. As soon as I saw the post title and then the giant icicle, I thought Baby it's cold outside. Funny.

  19. Well, yeah, but it's COLD.

    OK, I've lived in the Northeast all my life, so I know better than to complain, but I find the older I get, the more I hate the winter. And I think I've shoveled enough snow in my life to have earned the right to kvetch a bit.

  20. Yeah, what do we expect? I think as people we're just prone to complain...


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