wifi or not to wifi

is there anywhere
 as starkly cold
 as a subway station
 in the early morning

 i think not

 people come to wait
 spend the few minute wait
 eye glued
 to their mobile phones
 no matter
you are a crackberry
iphone user
 checking email
oogling instagram
 playing a game
 while waiting

 the other morning
 as i walked down the stairs
 into the subway
 a new sign
 caught my eye
 it proclaimed
 this station
 has wifi

 to reaffirm this
 there are signs
 taped to the pillars

 indeed there is
 boingo is providing wifi service on the 79th street subway platform 
if you are unfamiliar with boingo
 i can tell you
 it costs $7something a month
 you can find a boingo hot spot

i signed up for a free month's trial of boingo a year or so ago
 to use while travelling
 i quickly discovered
 that even if i was in a boingo hot spot
 chances are
 it didnt work
before the month was up
 i decided not to go for a contract

 i now have an iphone 5 with 4g lte connectivity 
i dont need to have wifi
 in order to get online
 to check email or instagram
 or even pop onto the web
 for some on the spot fact find
 on the street
 in a cab

 my subway commute
 takes me a quick 10 minutes
 that includes
 the wait time on the platform 

i cant imagine 
why anyone waiting for a subway train would need wifi 
even the worst case scenario of waiting 12 minutes
 - just this morning 
as i hopped into the subway car
 i looked at the 'clock'
 which advises how long til the next train arrives
 and saw it was 12 minutes - 
i cant imagine 
needing to connect 
via wifi 
especially boingo's not so reliable hot spot connectivity

 answer me this

  if you worked in nyc, rode the subway would you need to access wifi while you waited? 
what would you be doing?


  1. I often use my Iphone and chek my mails in subway...


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  3. When IRL be IRL is my antique policy. At home the web prevails.....pictures, news, jazz, meditation timer, email, FB, local traffic/weather.......I sometimes imagine my life IF, subway mornings......
    Aloha, Dar

  4. It would help pass the time, but I'd be afraid of getting hacked out in the open like that, with all sorts of people hanging about. (I'm a bit paranoid after someone hacked into my parents' laptop a few months ago when they were using the wifi in a campground full of retirees and caused them all sorts of trouble and expense.)

  5. I guess for some people who just jumped out of bed, jumped into their clothes, jumped onto the subway, maybe those12 minutes are all they'll have to check their messages before they grab a coffee as they get off the subway and rush into work!!

    I do know a lot of people rely on their phone for work calls like my daughter, so it could be handy. Or for meeting people, when time poor. As I used my texts when I was visiting to contact the family, especially when in charge of small children who weren't exactly mine (grandchildren).
    I doubt I would use it. I just had to ask my sister how to turn off the blinking lights and messages my new smart phone was sending me whenever there was a gmail or fb message. I don't want to be checking them when I am out all the time. If it is urgent then they will ring or text me, that's all I want to check!! If I want to sit down and check emails etc sometime I will, just not ALL THE TIME!

    Heard/read about the wifi on the subways, it was funny everyone waiting for a station that came out of the underground system to send/check their messages. Could be handy for some, is what I am saying. Some people do have much longer commutes, and waits too I think. Occasionally I had to wait longer than 12 minutes.
    ;-) And the commute to Inwood, at the tip of Manhattan was 20 minutes to 45 minutes, depending.

    I commiserate with the charges on updating your new phone, Daryl...oh, they drive me nuts, especially when I get to talk to an American, and I ask where he is located...in the Philippines!! argh! Usually they aren't even American, usually someone I can't understand their accent. Just had cause to argue with them again last night, this time a live chat on the computer! GRRR.

  6. We don't have subways where I live but if we did I wouldn't be using my phone for anything other than an emergency for a 12 minute commute.

  7. No, probably would not need it.
    I have the iPhone 5 also, but in all honesty, rarely use the WiFi capabilities.
    Now my iPad is a different story, but still would not need it in the subway station.
    Have a great day, Daryl!

  8. don't need it but if I had it I would be checking my mail & reading blogs!

  9. Hi Daryl! Hope this finds you and yours well. Very interesting post. I would hope I didn't need WiFi while waiting, although I might find myself in that situation. We're considering the iPhone 5 and it sounds like you would recommend it. I usually take my iPad to use while waiting in medical offices.

  10. I would not Daryl. My iPad connects to the home line when at home and I have a sort of pre-paid little chip thingy (I know all the technical terms haha!)that I just top up when necessary (haven't done it once yet) so that I can use it anywhere. It's all I need. If I was waiting in a tube station in NYC I'm quite sure people watching would be waaaay more interesting than fiddling with 'stuff'!

  11. NO...I want to be connected as little as possible.

  12. I am all for being connected...within reason. If you can not take a couple of minutes break while you wait for a train, something might be wrong.

  13. All I can say is that if I took my phone out of my handbag in the subway, I would probably mistakenly stumble off the platform onto the rails :).

  14. First off, that is a fantastic photo. First rate!
    If I was alone there, I probably would. I'd check my email and things like that. However, if there were a lot of people around I wouldn't. Not because I'd be embarrassed about it, but because I need to pay more attention when others are around. Paranoia maybe, but I don't want to be caught off guard...

  15. Not me! I prefer to people watch and to see what's going on around me in the world. It amazes me how much people are missing because they are looking at their stupid phones!

    As for your comment over on mine - my shoulders sagged.... :0)


  16. Wouldn't be doing wifi in the subway. I'd be too busy sneaking shots.

  17. Well, you know me and subways. I enjoy them. So, doing anything else would just take away from that enjoyment. No WiFi for me, thanks.

  18. No, I would not need WiFi. I would be people watching.

  19. Being an out-of-towner, there would be too much for me to look at while waiting for the subway. I think I could live without wifi for the short wait and the short ride.

  20. No. I would not be looking down for any reason, me being from here. I guess if you lived there and were used to it, no, still nothing that important LOL

    The photo makes me cold hahahaha!

  21. I have no idea and you wouldn't want this country girl who uses a dumb as a rock flip phone to even attempt an answer. I go all day without internet and I sure as heck wouldn't be worried about fiddling with it if I were waiting on a subway.

  22. since i don't have a smart phone, just a "dumb" phone, i'd have to pass. a book will suit me just fine while i wait.

  23. I'm a wifi addict but 12 minutes doesn't seem like enough time to do anything.

  24. I'd likely have my audiobook going, so I could wait out the 12 minutes.

  25. Wifi addict here ... so much one can do in those 12 minutes! Especially a news junkie like me!

  26. No I wouldn't need to but I might want to. What for? To read your blog. ;) Nah, I wouldn't care.. though if I got a text, I would check it, I suppose. Mostly, I'd probably have my camera in hand.

  27. The subway is too good for people watching for me but if I lived in the city and it became routine I would probably check my phone to make that 12 minutes seem more like 6:)


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