be mine

happy valentine's day 

do you buy a special card for your valentine?
do you buy a gift?
do you prefer 
 heart shaped jewelry?
do you go out to dinner?
do you stay home and snuggle?

fess up!
nosy me wants to know!

i'll go first
i make Toonman a card
in the past i have gotten him chocolate
he loves hershey kisses
we don't go out
he doesn't bake me a cake
that's only for my birthday
this evening 
the plan is
pizza and a bottle of wine
snuggling on the couch
3 episodes of 'the following'


  1. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! You know, we say "Happy Valentine's Day" but that's about it. Once in a while maybe flowers or candy but rarely do we go out or do "extras". We feel like we're each other's Valentine every day of the year (for 43years-gag?? sorry!)
    Hope everyone has a great day and no matter whether it's your Kitty, mom, hubby, wife or significant other, I hope you all have a wonderful love to share your life with...

  2. we'll probably play tourist with a sunset drink and amuse bouche before luxuriating at home...

    Aloha from Honolulu,
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >

  3. that is one cute cupid! Your evening sounds so good I think I may copy what you are doing.
    Happy Valentine's day to you & Mr. T.

  4. Happy Valentine's Day .!!

    Had to celebrate a little early since Bob will be working out of town
    Thurs/ Fri ... flowers, card , candy and balloon ( Teas is so afraid
    of balloons ).

  5. What a cutie.

    We've never celebrated Valentine's Day, it isn't a holiday here anyway.

  6. What a cutie, skinny legs and all. I used to make my husband a Valentine, but can't anymore... I sent two to my grandkids, very cute ones. I love to make them, though. I didn't get any yet either, but it's early. Maybe some secret admirer stuffed one (a big one...) in my mailbox; can always hope. Enjoy your Valentine's Day and eat a lot of chocolate....February is the chocolate month...:)

  7. P.S. Just read what marejohn wrote. Bibi will be my little Valentine. Did you see that Affenpinscher that won the dog show in NYC? Reminds me of Bibette.

  8. We usually do little things...sometimes we go out...tomorrow we are staying in and having a similar evening to yours...I am in the process right now of making chili that will be simmering in the crockpot! A fresh loaf of bread...and probably chocolate for dessert! Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours D!! xo Jeanne

  9. Happy Valentine's Day!
    We will be staying home watching a movie or two...our day includes an appointment with our accountant - does that count as romantic? Ha!

  10. We usually do... NOTHING.

    As you know, we love each other, a lot, but we pretty much ignore Valentine's Day.

    (MY WIFE says I should say, "We usually go to a garage in Chicago.")

  11. Love that Cupid! I find Valentine's Day too commercial - but it's a good reminder to do something for someone else - buy a stranger a coffee or a homeless person a sandwich.

  12. We buy each other cards and small gifts. No flowers - such a ripoff!! She'll make dinner tonight. I'll take her out this weekend.

  13. It sounds just perfect.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you both!

    P.S. Godiva dark chocolate truffles, and a beautiful card. Life's good. :-)

  14. what a cutie pie cupid! this year is a little different, we'll be going out to dinner and seeing a play. normally it's a stay at home night. and for the past couple of years i have made a card, but i'm a bit slow this year and will have to do so this afternoon, if i get the chance!

  15. Sounds like the perfect Valentine evening to me!

  16. Big bunch of roses (my favourite) chocolates as I've given them up for Lent, and no card because I just think they're a bit of waste! Happy Valentine Day Daryl, sounds like it was a lot of fun!

  17. I enjoy receiving roses and a card... but with us being so busy yesterday we had no time to shop for one another. So, no flowers for me and no chocolates for him. He did make breakfast for us so that was a plenty . xox.

  18. The Flash Fiction I've just published on my blog will tell you. ;)

  19. Nothing is going on here! No sweetie to celebrate with and my last S.O. was pained everytime he 'had' to buy me a card...that's why he's an ex...LOL A fellow-tumblr blogger posted...Happy Valentine's Day to the 3 loves of my life - photography, food, and music. I felt so good seeing that note so that's where I'm at today. Happy happy to all!

  20. Daryl, happy heart day!
    We aren't really much into the day! I think we feel we don't need to have a special day for something we do every day!
    Must be working, we've had 39 Valentines together!

  21. Mrs. C. and I are economizing since we're going on vacation in a few weeks, but I did sneak out and buy her a card and candy, and we'll be going out to dinner.

  22. Lovely post, Daryl. Happy Valentine's Day. I love this day. We exchange scratch cards for fun but best of all is sending 'Guess Who' Valentine's cards to the grandkids :).

  23. I love that little cupid!! Your Valentine's Day sounds blissful. Not sure what we'll do... I bought Tom a new hammock to replace the one the puppies destroyed. We're trying to ignore chocolate these days. But there will be a nice steak on the grill shortly!

  24. I met Big Hair Envy for dinner. We planned it in advance so we wouldn't find ourselves alone and mopey on Valentines Day. It was a good plan.

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  27. Cards and dinner (which was so delicious) and then home. There was Grey's Anatomy and Scandal to watch for me. Him? You tubing! LOL!

  28. We exchange cards and sometimes a silly gift -- like $1 windup plastic walking heart Mr. BFR gave me last year.


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