i get up
 butt crack of dawn


 every morning
 i drag myself out of bed
 to feed two cats
 whose cries
 start almost 2 hours earlier

 you'd think
 they hadnt eaten 
in days 
8 hours before

 was taken 
yesterday morning
 i came out of the subway
i trudged up

i decided
 it was pointless
 to use the escalator
 its running
it will surely break down

 it took me months
 to develop
 the stamina
 to climb that 
i can't do it again

that photo
 the one over 
 through my eyes
 the ios 7 procamera app
 no filter
 no editing
 no topaz labs effects

the only upside
 the dark mornings

oh spring please hurry
(edited because really i know how to spell hurry gah)


  1. I am having my breakfast now and the butt-crack of dawn has passed. I misread your comment about the stairs and thought you hiked up one of those buildings...anyway, now I see, but early stairs are not good.... This is a beautiful photo.

  2. Crisp and evocative - esp with that story...

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  3. Escalators scare me. Not as much as elevators with glass walls, but almost, because I usually only have to use them when I am dragging luggage, and my husband is 20 feet ahead of me.
    Your photos (yesterday and today) certainly don't look like they were taken with a phone, but I guess an iPhone has more built-in bells and whistles.
    I remember the old B&W Speed Graphics used by newspaper photographers. Sigh. Now they can only be seen in museums, old movies, and the occasional television show.
    Sigh again.
    Love your photos.

  4. Awesome photo! Isn't it great not having to carry around both a phone AND a camera?? I have been debating about going with the 5S, but I am pretty sure that I am going to switch carriers so that will mean having to wait until that time maybe Apple will announce the next phone! Seriously, I will probably end up with the 5S. My daughter just got hers and absolutely LOVES it...and I can do too! And by the way...I do not miss waking up at the butt crack of dawn. Not one single bit.

  5. One thing I notice about big ciites when I visit them is that you have to be in great physical shape to live in cities. Walk, walk, walk, climb everywhere. We country bumpkins just park next to a buidling and walk in. Last year when we went to Seattle I had never seen such fast walkers and not a fat person in sight. Well, you know, except for me.

  6. Living far out in the country as we do (the nearest city is Charlotte NC and we try not to darken her door can we help it) seeing the sights of New York without leaving my chair is delightful. I know about the cat(erwauling)thing as mine start on me at about 4:30 till I heave a shoe and then they just relocate...anyway thanks for sharing your photos...I don't do a lot of photos on my blog but have a few of our place here in the back of beyond should you ever want to venture over and visit me....

  7. Really love the lighting in the morning! All that stair climbing is good for you, right?

  8. All those stairs make my knees hurt. I'd be on that escalator and worry about it breaking down, if and when it happens. I love the camera on my iPhone 5.

  9. You know, it might be worth while to buy an automatic cat food dispenser. My cats wake me up wanting to go outside by 6am. Wish I could put a cat door in for them, but the double-glass doors can't be cut into without compromising the seal and, if I had a new door constructed with a cat flap, the cheeky raccoons would just walk right in. (they do when the door is open.) Oh well, next house = wooden doors. :) Beautiful morning light on the city shot. I'm looking forward to the foggy wintery mornings we get here in Van and, later, to the frozen dew mornings in OXON over Christmas. :)

  10. I was just going to say exactly what Veronica said above. I have an inexpensive dispenser that I use for when we go away and the kitty is left alone. It works really well.

    Those stairs are killer.

  11. Daryl, great shot! That first of the day light is always the best!

  12. I feel your pain Daryl. Priscilla always wakes me up before I need to get out of bed & it doesn't matter if I were to leave food out for her either since she seems to feel that for some reason this is her job.
    this is a nice shot btw.

  13. I am a real "early morning" person, but even if I weren't, this would definitely be worth getting up early for. Love these colors. xo.

  14. Fortunately for me, my husband gets up around 5:30 AM anyway and feeds the cat. Plus, we have a nice finished basement to which the cat is banished for the night on weekends so we can sleep in. Otherwise, yeah ... butt crack of dawn.

    Great colors in that photo, and a wonderful sense of the height of the buildings.

  15. I am impressed that you are still climbing those stairs! Yikes!

    My cat nicely comes up at 6am and sleeps with me until I get up....she is lazy like that:)


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