water tower

 by my friend
 in perth australia
 she and her husband
 aka the professor
 a month
 as part of
 this fabulous
to celebrate
 his 65 birthday

 she wrote me the other day:

''This is part of my view in our little apartment across from the University
in Perth.  Thought of you and took a pic.  The university sits on the water
and bike paths all around up and down the coast and inlet waters, etc.
We've got bikes and have already been out and about.''

its awesome 


  1. As I said....I think of you every time I see a water tower. It's an addiction.

    LOVE that new header pic!!
    xo Jeanne

  2. How nice of her to send the pic to you. Love your new header BTW. x

  3. love the squat tower
    your new header is great

  4. How very thoughtful of her. She is on quite an amazing adventure with so much beauty in that part of the world.

  5. yes! it is! & I'm loving your new banner too Daryl.

  6. Wonderful that you posted Reena's photo. There are loads of us that think of you when we see a water tower. I saw plenty during my USA trip. I have yet to see one in Coventry :). Still looking!

  7. Whoa! That's like the cleanest water tower I've ever seen! Cool!

  8. By coincidence, I just came from Reena's blog. I think it's way cool that she sent you a shot you could use for your ongoing series. I'd send you one from Watertown, but (despite the name) I don't think there's a blessed one available to shoot (and I suck as a photographer, anyway, so forget I brought it up.)

  9. Yes. But I'll tell you what I can't stop staring at, the new banner/cover photo. LOVE the red and the gold and the lights.

  10. I too think of you whenever I see a water tower! Nothing as exotic as this from Australia though!


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