toonsday - what did he say? ...


  1. That CC is looking better all the time, Toon Man! (We're glad shes back too :-)

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

  2. My husband can't hear very well, so he turns the TV 'way up, because he doesn't like his hearing aids. I don't need hearing aids, but I will listen to a word and hear another one entirely. We make a great pair. He has a headset he can wear when watching TV, and it delivers the sound right to his ears. But there's no camaraderie in that. I make a comment, and he doesn't even know I've spoken.
    And don't even ask about my eyesight since my cataract surgeries set my eyesight to 15-18 inches, perfect for a computer screen.
    PS, glad you're back, Daryl

  3. I'm sure you miss her for much more than this, ToonMan. But it is kinda funny.

  4. Oh god, Robert does that to me all the time! And, he always raises his voice when he asks, like, just because he's deaf doesn't mean I can't hear him! What's that all about? :)

  5. I've had hearing aids for about a year and a half and am thrilled with them. My mom finally got them at the age of 97 and then the nursing home lost them. They have been replaced but the home now lost one so she has hearing on only one side. Now she really understands all that she has missed. Please, you don't want to miss a thing!

  6. You're not alone. I do it. MY WIFE does it, too. Between us, we hear about every fifth line of any show (unless it's Cody & Slim or Mickey & Patsy, in which case we each grab one speaker and put it up to an ear so we don't miss anything.)

  7. Mr. BFR is now using closed captioning. Saves my having to interpret everything.

  8. Oh, Ill bet you missed her for more than that.
    Thank you for the smiles, Toonman!!! :-)

  9. This sounds exactly what happens at our house....only we take turns asking each other what was just said. If neither of us got it we use the quick rewind:)


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