it was bordering on cold
 last night
 i walked
 from the 72nd street subway
 not cold enough
 zip up 
my leather jacket

 the breeze
 strong enough
 to lift the ends of my scarf 
strong enough
 for me
 to momentarily
 zipping up

 see that photo
 i took it in chicago
 this past saturday
 had been blowing around
 little leaf demons

 i have
 a sand demon
 its called
 a sand devil

 its a weird looking thing

 were more 
 the sand demon devil

 of course
 as soon as
 i pulled the phone
 from my pocket
 took aim 

they all
the ground

 a lot prettier
 loose leaves
 here in nyc 
 believe me
 dont look 
 as photogenic
 along the sides of buildings
they don't
 they don't 
hang out 
 in the park

there's an ordinance 

all fallen leaves must remain within the boundaries of the parks


  1. LOVE that scene, don't you love how fall leave crackle and crunch under foot...

  2. ordinance HAH!
    I love your snazzy header! Exciting. Maybe I'll freshen up...hmmm.

    Fall, yeah. . . . I remember. Actually I feel the change in the air, we are (barely) in the northern hemisphere and only SUB-tropical.

    ALOHA, dear Daryl
    from your Honolulu cousin
    Comfort Spiral

  3. I've seen one of those whirling dervishes of leaves before, and a sand one too. Whirling dervish. I love saying that.

  4. LOL! And it sure is cold enough this morning to zip up. I'm thinking of wearing warm boots!

  5. They are called dust devils and they can get quite large. Yesterday I was at my gf's barn and we were standing under a big oak. The wind came up and sent lots of pretty yellow leaves falling to the ground like snow. It was one of those moments where you just smile and say "Wow, how cool."

  6. Daryl, we only have one tree in our yard. A nice Japanese Maple. It dumps it lovely red leaves and then it's done. But we seem to get leaves from the whole neighbourhood. I don't know if they are there in sympathy or what, but I like to leave them and hope the wind comes and blows them on someone else's yard. Sometimes it works!!

  7. It's much colder today, isn't it? Love your Chicago leaves.

  8. I love watching swirling autumn leaves, they're so pretty!

  9. I think your mayor has had a crackdown on runaway leaves.

  10. We have had our first frost here in RI...and all the leaves are down. Now to pick them all up tomorrow:(


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