of course ...

of course
 it will be
 by christmas
 the new year's eve fools
 to have
 to stand
 like sardines
 in the frigid cold
 to watch
 the ball drop
 dont they?

 that was
 sort of 
the conversation
 i had
 one of the female construction workers
 the times square remodel
 the other morning
 i stopped
 to take that photo

 to be open

  they're going
putting in
 golden overtime hours
 now and then
 from what i can see 
as i walk past
if they're going to live up to what's on the sign

 so the street
 be back
 to its normal width
 i dont think
 i would mind the mess
 so much

 ya know


  1. Our little town has been under construction for like two years. A real mess. Bulldozers. Mud. No where to walk. SO glad it finally ended last Friday! Hope yours is over soon! Happy Weekend Daryl!

  2. good morning! the eyes of the world will be on the square so of course they will have it ready in time - even it if is temporary! Love the photo

  3. hee, was once one of those new year's fools. lucklily my friend lived on E 44th so getting home wasn't all that bad. but yes, packed sardine was how i felt, a claustrophopic one at that. if anyone is seriously even thinking of going...my advise, don't drink anything that day!

  4. They lie like a rug! There's an Sbux coming to Witney, the closest market town to West Cottage. It's been coming for three years. Presently, I have to go all the way to Oxford to get my chai tea latte. (Bunch of wana-be players)

  5. I can't believe how long this has been going on.

  6. Daryl, won't it be so nice when it's all finished!! When they are gone, you'll miss seeing what they are doing and the progress they make each day!

  7. what would New Years eve be without the revelers!

  8. Wow, what a mess. Are they going to let you take the "eyes" when they finish construction.

  9. I'm sure that they have been told that they HAVE to have it done by New Years Eve! I've always wondered who in the world would want to be in the middle of that crowd when you could be comfortably at home watching it at home...or better yet ignoring it entirely!


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