weekend blather

 i told
 you all about
 the banksy

 after that
 it all pretty much pales
 i did have a full weekend
 a sore throat
made me sound
 at times
 like a frog had taken up residence

  after my most wonderful massage
 i met my sister
 as i told you
 we walked down amsterdam to 73rd
 checked the brunch menus
two newish places 

 we both order the eggs florentine

a variation on eggs benedict
 the english muffins
 were barely toasted
 the home fries 
were cold
 the coffee
 was excellent
 they served 
hot steamed milk on the side 
in a coffee cup
 no spoon was offered
 it was nearly impossible
 to pour the milk
 into the coffee
 without spilling

 when we asked for a spoon
 we pointed out 
the cold potatoes
 to the manager's credit 
he immediately offered us replacements 
we were half way through
 so we declined
 thanking him

 a short time later
 he brought us a hot platter of potatoes
 we taste them

 they were great
 by then
 we were full
 he also only charged us
 for one brunch 
we thanked him 
we'd be back
 we will

 it was quite busy 
i suspect the kitchen was overwhelmed.

we walked uptown
 i had to stop at irving farms
 to get toonman's decaf coffee
 i buy a pound of beans every week or so
 they grind them for our coffeemaker

we walked over to the new place
 i am liking for take out
 birdbath bakery
 a division of city bakery

 the pumpkin veggie burger is amazing 
the kale salad with hazel nuts has a very light dressing 
 the sweet potatoes with pineapple is not sweet its perfectly slightly tart

the coffee
 does not 
 to irving farms 
 the pastry
the baker's muffin
 the vegan bran muffin
 far superior
 the balthazar baked goods 

i got some photos
 i was on the eastside
 my favorite 
boutique windows
lisa perry
 featured fun sweaters

on madison
 a sales associate
 for the manager to arrive 
with the keys

i got
 a fabulous color block draped hooded coat 
vince online 
on sale
 for 25% off

 this week
 my mani/pedi is
 essie's wicked

in honor 


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day despite the frog in your froat.
    We went out with friends last night and had a wonderful time. I was exhausted when we got home, though, and didn't sleep well. Today I ached all over. Tomorrow I expect to be much better and perhaps get some things done around the house. Or not, depending on how I feel.
    Now it's time to give the dog her bedtime yogurt and put her out for a few minutes.
    Take care. Hope you are healthy by the time you read this.

  2. LOVING your nail color.
    sorry to hear about the "meh" brunch, though it does look quite delicious!

  3. ....drooling for all that NYC fare edible & otherwise! Thx for the lowdown....take care of that throat problem!

  4. You always do the most interesting things and eat the greatest food at weekends! Pic of your new coat please!

  5. I have loved coats for as long as I can remember. Alas, living in California doesn't offer enough opportunities to justify having the coats I love. There are advantages to living in a cold climate…well, let's see….besides the coats? I'm not sure. Maybe several sweaters and pretty boots? xo

  6. Fantastic nail colour. I wish I could. I can only manage nails if I'm away for a week or so otherwise it's a complete waste of money and energy because the first minute I pick up my oils I get some turpentine on my fingers and spoil the manicure.
    Sounds to me like your restaurant manager was right on the money with his goof-up. In my second marriage, where I was a corporate wife for 15 years, he operated several resort things in Whistler and he always said he'd bend over backwards to make something right rather than have the customer walk away silent and dissatisfied, because then they tell someone and that someone tells someone etc. Oh, funny story, C's boyfriend was over the other day and asked for a cup of coffee, and I gave him my best "are you serious? in this house?" look but C, being the perfect girlfriend, said, "I'll make it for you! :) :) " (Don't even get me started on that one.) Anyway, as it turns out we do have coffee in the house. I bought an espresso Christmas blend from Sbux for a coffee crazy friend last winter...lol. Apparently coffee goes stale, who knew? There was also a package of something else which probably came as a free sample to the house and Bryson made himself some of that and made it in the Barista like an Americano. (Then he tried it on with the "V, you don't drink coffee and, as I do, maybe I should have the Barista." Nice try kid." Anyway, apparently I should keep coffee in the freezer.

  7. I love how the restaurant manager responded to your complaint and I love that you're a knowledgeable restaurant patron who doesn't judge by just one instance

    love the coat !!

  8. Gosh, Daryl, you know how to spend a weekend! Fabulous! Nice nails too :).

  9. Daryl, Oooo, you always have such yummy weekends!
    Love the nails!

  10. Sounds like a full weekend!
    I sure hope your throat is feeling better.
    I absolutely LOVE that nail color! xo.

  11. Oh thanks for this great NYC weekend to pretend I had :) Birdbath looks like my kinda place, and I love that modern coat!!!!

    me: BUTTER "Sunbaker" for October orange

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

  12. I'm thinking about booking a flight just to try thoe potatoes. I like it when a place after an oops really tries to make it up. Doesn't happen that much. That birdbath place sounds like it has good food (if you are not too hungry cuz I notice you didn't mention what kind of gravy they have). I love take pics of window displays.

  13. Fun times, despite the cold potatoes. Love the dark nails!


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