wednesday not so wordless

this past saturday 
 truly frigid

 the sunshine
 led one to believe
 it wasn't as cold
 as it felt
 sort of

 the morning
 when i headed to the eastside
my monthly massage and facial indulgence
 horribly cold
 when i walked to the crosstown bus
return to the westside
 it felt 
warm enough
 not to put on my gloves

 i had several stops to make
 pick up
 drop off 

this photo was taken
 just before
 i realized
 it was still glove wearing weather

there were stops
the eye man looking at new frames for my specs 
 zabars for the weekly nosh replenish
 the dry cleaners to drop off dirty and car hair covered clothes

a very busy afternoon

 in the evening
 we watched some television

 we record almost everything we watch
 then view it on playback
 so we can fast forward commercials
 person of interest 
the return of episodes
 the new syfy network version of 12 monkeys 
another time travel delight 

did you ever notice
 just about all
 time travel stories 
involve watches 
i hadn't til recently
it seems as if they do 

 the complete opposite

 it was warm enough for the precipitation
 to be sleety rain vs snow 

dangerous walking conditions
 i was extremely cautious
 i fell 3 times in 2014 
i have
 no intention


  1. Does look gorgeous but yes do be careful......... when I hit the menopause I seemed to keep hitting the ground...4 times in 6 months....that oddity seems to have passed now....fingers crossed!!

  2. Oh goodness, I was just thinking how cold it is here today and it's only -1 and a bit of ground frost. I think I might just die in NY. RIP frozen me. Do gloves/mits help you? They don't tend to help me because my fingers get cold individually in them. Nice downy jacket with deep pockets helps, but then, of course, hands in pockets on slippery streets isn't the most brainiac way of getting around. That's it, we all need a Mexico break! :D (Oh, do we like the 12 monkeys? I tried watching the pilot but couldn't settle enough to get thru it. Maybe I should try again.) x

  3. I started watching Girlfriends Guide to Divorce because I love Lisa Edelstein. I haven't gone back and caught up on old episodes but I like the show. I wonder if I'd like it if not for the cast.

  4. Beautiful shot, but yes, sky conditions like that usually bring cold weather this time of year. We've got the bitter cold here again, so it's dressing in layers time.

  5. I like when it's bright and cold, just hate rain and snow. Don't fall! xx

  6. So ironic still to me how urban dwellers have to walk lots more than us suburbanites.


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