makes me laugh

if you follow me on instagram
 you know
 i do a daily feature
using the instaweather app

 the app has stock photos
 to use
 if you choose 

 i dont
 i look
 a photo
 every morning

 it might be a reflection
the weather
 that catches my eye 

on my way to polished
 for my weekly beautification
 i was looking for something
 that would work
 the weird weather 
we're having

 how so 
you wonder

 snow yesterday afternoon
 heavy rain last night
 temps in the mid 40s
 when i went out sunday around 10ish

 in the end
this a photo 
the people crossing sign
 at the intersection
west end and 79th

 i love people crossing signs
 they make me laugh

 if you are a driver in nyc 
you know
 there's gonna be people crossing
 not just with the light
 not just at the intersection

 i find it equally funny 
those signs
 every intersection

 now of course
 i might
 have to go google
why some and not others 

any quesses?


  1. My immediate thought is that they like the people in some neighborhoods, but not others.

  2. Oh god don't talk to me about weather! We're into the winter storms here which basically means there will be about 10 minutes of sunshine from one sucker hole somewhere over Burnaby Mountain for the next two months! Oh, and ducks will colonise my back garden lawn!

    Apart form that, school signs and pedestrian crossing signs make me shake my head. The image of the protective older male kindly escorting the younger and helpless girl! Tell you what. I love the old folks crossing signs in England. Do you have those? They're a riot.

  3. The weather! 50s yesterday and 12F today. ARGH

  4. The sign seems to suggest the adult's lecturing the kid.

    Weather here is cold, very cold. We had a flash freeze on top of snow and freezing rain, so snowbanks have become as solid as rock.

  5. Hmmm, never thought about that, but it's true, and a very interesting question!
    We had the rain, but OMG, it is SO cold here now, and going to get worse over the next couple of days, with a high on Wed. of 8 degrees. Ugh!! Guess it's winter. :-(

  6. Daryl, our signs that look like that are either School Zones or School Crossings! But then, it doesn't mean yours are the same, but I would think, probably!


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