babeeeee its cold outside

i have been walking
 the office
 the chambers/west broadway
 subway station

a long day in the office
 the frigid air
 feels good 

i take the local
i dont have as far to walk
 when i get uptown

tuesday evening
 i opted to take the express 
so i could stop
 on the way home 
to pick up
 a few things for dinner 

i even took a few photos

the snow fall
 we had during the day
 was mostly cleared 
the lights on the trellis
 as i waited for the traffic light to change
 got me
pull off my gloves
 dig out my phone 
snap a few shots


  1. That is so pretty. Sometimes I see fairy lights on all year long, and sometimes I think that would be so enjoy them outside all year long, and on a garden trellis is the perfect way. (except that I'm useless at staying awake past sunset in the summer and it's too cold here in the winter, so probably would have to move to California or

  2. So beautiful, Daryl!
    Waaaay too cold here now to even think of puling out a camera.
    Actually for the past couple of days, it has simply been too cold to be outside for very long. :-(
    Still, I love winter in NY. :-)

  3. I swear it's been too cold to walk even a few blocks. But it's snowy now and I want to get out and take some photos.


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