up up and away

i love sci fi
 i cut my teeth on robert heinlein

 i remember going to see 2001 a space odyssey
 i remember being stoned
 so stoned
 it made some sort of sense
 i remember the very heady discussions after

 i also remember
 looking back 
years later 
 what the fuck was that all about anyway

 i read
 i didnt really
 i skimmed them

 it got some not so good reviews
 lots of
 what a mishmash it was

we watched it monday night
 i was not stoned
 i loved it
 it was so good
 it was edge of my seat/
couch good
 at one point
 i jumped 
annie who was sitting on my lap 
 annie is now a frequent lap sitter in the evenings
 such a sweetie


 i reacted
 didnt see that coming

 tho there was one scene i did see coming

 i reacted
annie jumped off my lap

 i really liked the movie

 i suspect 
the naysayers
 never read heinlein 
not that interstellar is his 
based on anything of his
 it just reminded me of his books 
 the past through tomorrow
time enough for love

did i say i loved it
 i did

 another one thats long
 but really didnt feel long 

 here's a water tower for all of you 
even you anti sci fi peeps


  1. Wow, after that write-up that water tower looks post-apocalyptic. Like a shooting rocket has emerged out of that cloud of hot steam and the crane is directing operations showing it where to go and in the background is some sort of barely visible galaxy. Yup, love sci fi. And, my claim to fame is I saw the Stanley Kubrick film with a boy named Stanley, at the Stanley theatre. (stranger things have happened...lol)

  2. I've seen 2001- not stoned. I always thought being drunk or high on something would have been required for making that film work.

  3. I've never warmed up to SciFi. Except in movies. btw that water tower is 2015-01-14a. We gotta get organized on these water towers.

  4. I like fantasy but I'm hit or miss with SciFi. I did see 2001 -- also in an altered state, at the theater. I'm not sure I've seen it in recent years. I wonder what I'd think now.


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