a non event and some water towers

we have had a non blizzard 

 it got named

 if you search/type
 any social media site
 you'll see lots of snow photos

here's one
 i took 
 our street getting shoveled

since its 
a photo
a week or so ago

yes, i've posted 
 this view

water towers
 as well as 
lady liberty 
ellis island
a tanker being escorted out of the harbor


  1. Yikes, that's a lot of snow Daryl.. What an amazing view of the harbour, is this the view from your office ?

  2. It may not have been the monster storm, but from what I see it blanketed the city with a beautiful white layer of snow.

    The harbour view is breathtaking, and the congregation of water towers is not bad either!

  3. The snowmaggeden that wasn't. I love your harbor pics.

  4. I never got that habit of shovelling snow from where it's a danger, ie. sidewalk, to where it's a danger, ie. road. I always thought it should be shovelled into a pile at the curb or on the front lawn. Maybe I'm the only person who thinks like that, and maybe it's because there's rarely snow on the ground here in the city. But I absolutely love the photo of the happy menfolk shovelling away. :D Something Rockwellian about it. (Bet the happy menfolk aren't that happy about it though)

  5. There really is nowhere to shovel the snow. Glad you didn't get slammed though. The harbor photo is just the best!

  6. For us that looks like a standard snowfall. The snow here gets removed by machinery from the piles left at curbside- like a vacuum cleaner that deposits it all in dump trucks, but that tends to take time before they show up.

  7. I gather Boston got hit much worse than you guys. Like the harbour shot.

  8. I liked both photos. It snowed here from Sunday night all the way to Tuesday morning, but it snowed so lightly that we didn't get more than a foot or so and it was easy to deal with. Beautiful sunny skies today.


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