toonsday - it's cold outside ...


  1. Stay safe and warm! ;-)

    (Voted most original comment on a snow day in New York City)

  2. Oh no! I was wondering what happened out there over night. As I was driving along yesterday, I heard an interview on CBC. A Canadian living and working in NY was describing the preparations for the upcoming snow storm. Heading over to some news something to check out what your neck of the woods looks like. (I usually avoid the news like the plague...brain melting, scare mongering plague, that's that it is) Hope you two...five are safe and warm. x

  3. Have any of your weather forecasters been busy making suggestions on what to do if the storm becomes a Donner Party scenario?

  4. I heard it was more of a brrrr than a BRRRRRR Toonman :)


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