snow monsters

i was in the flatiron area last night 
crossing the street
 i spied 

made of marble 
there are 12 of them
 they are standing
 slushy snow
left over
the non blizzard of juno
 earlier this week

 you can read
artist peter regli's snow monsters


  1. Snowman ghosts! They look very real, as far as real snowmen can, as if being hit by deep frost and ice rain, after they had started to nearly melt away during an above zero winter's day. They remind me a bit of the grotesque early 1700s stone dwarfs in Salzburg's Mirabell garden.

  2. Cool. I like these! It's been icy and snow here ... more fell on Thursday night.

  3. Ha! I love them! They seem like something out of Dr Who. (Before the lack-o-lantern face change) I love how many weird and great art ideas there are in the world. Any blue police call boxes in the vicinity?

  4. They do look like they've had a bit of freezing rain added on.

  5. At first glance, I was certain they were ice sculptures.

  6. Very, very cool. They look like something Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes would have made. I grew up in New York City and love to see photos of the City. Alana -


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