water tower repeat

 we dont
 celebrate christmas

 not in the real sense
 we do exchange gifts
 my sister on christmas day
 go to
almost annual christmas day party with friends
 lots of food drink presents happen 

we celebrate 
 sort of looking in
 the non religious part

 its christmas eve day
 who aren't out buying 
 last minute gifts
 either a party or a midnight mass

 here's a rerun 
 my very first hdr edit 
water towers 
 columbus avenue

 i thought the red and green seemed apropos 


  1. Looks super fab Daryl, the colours are so pretty. Here's to a wonderful party, if you're there, it's going to be a celebration!

  2. That is very Christmasy. We have a mixed up, non religious celebration here in Vancouver too. Tonight my mother will come and we will have a traditional Czech Christmas supper of carp, potato salad and asparagus, and loads of other Czech nibblies, such as devilled eggs, and then all sorts of sweets. Tonight we will exchange prezzies with mom. Tomorrow we will exchange prezzies between the three of us and start the huge turkey for a traditional British Christmas lunch. The queen's speech and a Dr Who will follow. So there, non religious, mixed up and stirred in just right for a well loved good and proper Von Alemann/Roth/Burnett/Belanger tradition. Hope your Christmas eve and Christmas day are filled with good friends and much love. XXXX

  3. Love this Daryl and I hope you and Ray have a wonderful Christmas xoxox

  4. Daryl, here's wishing you and Ray the best of the Season!

  5. This might be my favorite of all your water tower shots. I'm a fan of your water tower shots.
    Christmas is a complicated holiday, made even more so by the Christmas Nazis. There are almost as many Christmas meanings as there are people.


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