weekend blather

lets see
what did i do
 i did a lot of nothing
aside from beautification
 total indulgence
both massage and facial
 i did nothing constructive 

i didnt even shop
 that is not true

 i did some online shopping
 i dealt with two really poorly constructed websites 
i dislike websites with bad search options
 hard to find links
  hidden from sight dropdown menus

 make it hard
someone to find something 
 you want them to shop 

on etsy
 i couldn't find the links under my account link
 for a link an email told me to use
 to end a dispute

 i had ordered a scarf
 the etsy seller 
made it seem 
as if 

they were shipping from the midwest
 not true
 they were actually shipping from china

 they did not answer numerous emails
 requesting shipping info
 i opened
 the etsy case and got paypal involved
 of which
 the actual delivery
 over a month 
the item was supposedly shipped from the midwest
 (maybe the midwest of china) 


 i also tried to buy something on the new york transit museum site 
i have a membership there 
the site did not recognize my membership number
 their help was closed for the weekend 
such a bad way to run a site


on sunday
 i bought a new printer
 i sure told a whopper 
about not shopping

 toonman needed a new printer 
all the printers
 i looked at were pricy
 none had back loading

 i was going to give him my printer 
getting the new one for myself 

thats what ended up happening
for more money
 than i planned
an epson not a canon 

none of the canon printers
 not even the priciest 
had back loading
 i need that for the cards i make

 the epson is compatible with my iMac OS
  has the back loading feature
got great reviews

so yeah i did some shopping
  also did some movie watching

  toonman said
 he had
 the perfect 

saturday afternoon movie for us
 was i game 

 we watched and thoroughly enjoyed
 guardians of the galaxy
 even tho we didnt see it in 3D
 didnt need to see it in 3D
 i am just saying 

 after dinner 
we watched
 an excellent jake gyllenhaal in a very creep role 
 i highly recommend it

  i finished
 the goldfinch
 what a amazing read
 what an incredibly involving story
 i think it would make a really good movie 

hanukkah is this week
 a friend
 sent me a photo
a very funny
called a

got me looking online
 other funny menorahs
 available for celebrating the festival of lights

in the end 
we'll use
 my mother's menorah

 as we do every year
she gave it to me
 when we got married
 a zillion years ago

that was my weekend

 how was yours?


  1. How is it possible that I'm the first to comment? I always enjoy your weekend blather. I had a very nice weekend, even with Erik away. I suppose it's because with the sunshine, I was able to be outside a lot. Had a nice long phone call with my sister, trying to fill her hours with her hubby away for quite some time tending to her very very sick BIL. The rain is coming again today so I shall once again be hunkered down....maybe looking online for cameras and lenses?

  2. The menorahsaurus is funny! I wonder what a rabbi would make of it.

    Guardians was a fun film, but seeing it in the theatres, I always went for 2D. 3D doesn't agree with me.

  3. It sounds like to actually DID do a lot this weekend. A scarf from China is not exactly what I'd imagine on Etsy but someone has learned to work the system. sorry it was such a hassle for you.

    Love the menorahsaurus. Ha! We'll light our little 21 year old menorah tonight. It was a wedding present.

    Enjoy, xo jj

  4. I have the exact same menorah -- I got it for consecration at age 4 or 5.

  5. I don't like badly designed web sites either!!

    Our Weekend was multiple performances of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever", Heather's trip to western Oklahoma to see relatives, and Logan studying for finals, and Heather's birthday on Sunday. Way too much going on.


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