waiting patiently

caption this
that was the first thing I thought when I saw him
so let's go with that 

caption it 


  1. Boomer wondered how he was going to explain how his balls got caught in the grate again.

  2. O please! You really need to leave me to get another latte?

    WV: qualme "And my owner replied, "yes", with nary a qualme. Damn her!

  3. "I thought when you took me from the pound I was being freed from jail, but it's just a fancier jail."

  4. Cute, sweet thing...and he can't even put his little flat muzzle through the gate for a good sniff.

    Sorry for lack of comments last week. I was out of town until yesterday.

  5. You actually want my brain to work as soon as I wake up?
    That is not a caption, btw. My brain is tired.

  6. From the Godfather:

    "Everytime I get out, they keep on bringing me back in"

  7. i just wanna play and play all day... wont you come play with me ...

  8. All I can think of is Foghorn Leghorn...

    You'd like that, wouldn't you boy?

  9. I'm a poster child!?? , I want my lawyer now!

  10. He's so adorable, I can't think of an appropriate caption. Very sweet picture

  11. Take me home with you. Please. I don't eat much!

  12. for the love of Pete, let me outta here!
    I just love looking at humans with these eyes of mine...

  13. Sweet. A faithful friend waiting for his master.

    Thanks for sharing this to us.

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