foodie friday #26

Earlier this month I had a birthday.  
Toonman was between appearances at/in hospital 
sent The Lad off to get him a cake mix, eggs and frosting.  
Then they baked me a cake.  
It was delicious.  
And that plate?  
Its one of plates my mom collected and kept in the breakfront.  
I use it every day, 
I am not sure she'd approve 
because its delicate 
I dont understand having something pretty 
just for display, it needs to have functionality.
I think I made that word up.  
I made up a new web word, internet slang, abbreviation ... whatever
Made Me Smile 
Its for those not really 
Try it, I think you'll find it very useful.


  1. I like it.. all...
    the cake, the plate and the
    MMS ... which I will definitely
    use, since I not really an LOL
    type. Thank you very much !!

  2. I'm all MMS over that cake! Except it stands for 'makes me salivate' in this instance.

  3. Oh, porn. I remember your cake from last year....oh... Tomorrow is my son's birthday, and for dessert we are having a banana nut cake...last year we had chocolate, but why didn't I do it again...?

    The plate is gorgeous and I am sure enhances the cake's taste, if such a thing is possible. I'm going to serve my banana cake on one of those pedestal plates.

  4. Looks delish. Great job Toonman!

    I'm with you on the good plates thing - I use mine often. I chose them because I loved them (very modern pattern and bright colors). Why leave them to sit in a cabinet most of the time?

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  5. Belated Happy Birthday to you! The cake looks yummy...and I love MMS. That is more my speed too:)
    I use my 'good' dishes every day. I love pretty plates and things so why not use them?

    my wv is 'defat'...too funny!

  6. Why you do dis to me? Why you MMSin me with that cake. And that pretty plate. Of course, I will have chocolate on my mind all day.
    Happy Belated Birthday.

  7. Ray made you that cake???? WOW!

    I can understand why you want to use that plate it's so pretty and I agree pretty things should be used.

    I love the new abbreviation MMS. :)

  8. How sweet of Toonman.

    The plate is beautiful. And i think pretty things should be used. I once had some neighbors over for dinner and they couldn't believe that I used my china for their children. I believe if you can't use it, you shouldn't have it!

  9. I LOVE cake for breakfast. I love cake for lunch... aw heck. I love cake all the time on any plate, even a paper plate.


  10. Happy birthday! Hope that cake was as delicious as it looks!

  11. That cake looks so good, but I adore the plate. I'd use it, too!

  12. mosit glistening chocolate cake

    so Toonman can bake too!?
    I know I'm in love ;)

  13. Oh my. I don't eat chocolate, but this looks delicious and agree we should use our precious treasures...


  14. That MMS as well! Things are to be used. If they break, they break. We humans don't have a infinite life, why should anything else? And your birthday cake looks simply delicious - and beautiful on that plate!
    Happy happy! xoxoxox

  15. I do the same thing, I use all my best stuff whenever I want. Toonman is so sweet & that cake looks so Delish!

  16. nice cake - nice cake plate too! hope your birthday was special - as all birthdays should be! hope the toonman is doing ok too!

  17. MMS is a good one. Happy belated BD. Toonman bakes an awesome cake...move over Cake Boss.

  18. Gorgeous photo of what must have surely been delicious cake. I am glad you're using the special plate. I'm doing the same thing with some of the things that were my Mama's because they bring her back to me every time, if even for just a few moments.


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