sunday stuff, a winner and a pass-along!

Toonman picked #14 .. 
Laura Peach!!!!!  
Come on down!  
You win
  send me your mailing address and the book will be on its way.

Tthe delightful Snappy Di had a giveaway
 a fabulous jacket and I won it
the Ronson Company's Large
 is not large enough for my humongous shoulders and long arms 
head over to Di's to see what it looks like, its way too small for me to even pose in it
so I am now going to pay it forward
 leave me a comment and I'll have Toonman choose a # between 1 and the total # of comments.

A painted car and some odd canvases parked along Broadway a Sundaya few weeks ago


  1. Oh that's a colourful, busy and nostalgic look.

  2. Stopping by to say Hi!
    Please don't enter me in the draw for the jacket..I just don't fit:)

  3. WHOOOTTTTTTTTT Iwon!!!!!!!! Yahoo thank you :) will send address Icant wait to meet her and have her sign her books :)

  4. oh and dont pick me for the jacket either there is no way it would come close to fitting me LOL :)

  5. Dang it, I never win anything! But congrats to Laura. Don't enter me for the jacket. It's cute but it wouldn't fit. Love this photo, though! What a cool capture!

  6. Congratulations to my GA Peach girlfriend!! Wonderful :)

    I just spent 30 minutes wandering around at Snappy Di's blog LOL and I would love to be entered in the contest. I love the jacket. It would replace my sweat jacket hahahaha and believe it would fit after examining Di at great lengths :) She has a lovely blog!

    Thank you.

  7. Daryl, sorry to hear it did not fit you. I'm glad you are paying it forward though so that some lucky gal can enjoy it. It's too nice just to hang in someone's closet and not be enjoyed.


  8. I love this idea of paying it forward, so cool.

  9. Great, I get another chance to win that cool jacket!!!

  10. socool of yoou to pass it on. the care looks like it came from a very rural LA Mardi Gras parade.

  11. Congratulations to Laura Peach. He made an excellent choice. She'll love it.

  12. Hi! I'd like to take a chance & win the jacket! My email is Thanks...:)JP

  13. Nice gesture to pass it on! I enjoy your blog and always read Di's blog too!

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Maybe it'll fit ME!

  15. Hey you! (and Toonman)!
    You've both been on my mind since I last heard from you.

    So glad that the Big Cat is home and has assumed most of his reigning position.

    Being the prime caregiver is really wearing. If you need any help - I could hobble on over and throw on an apron and mob cap! Just whistle a tune---

  16. I'm hopping over here from Snappy Di's blog ... always on the hunt for new blogs to read. (Isn't Di fantastic?) Regifting a giveaway? What a wonderful idea!! Anyway, I'm off now to see what other things I can find here.

  17. Love the "frien-emies,"

    Lucky Girl!

    Aloha from Honolulu,

    Comfort Spiral


  18. Nice give away, please add my name.


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