waiting patiently - Scout and his iconic pal

That's Scout 
posing for me
with his doll likeness/icon

He owns Stephanie 
she in turn owns a fabulous shop called 

Stephanie send me this info about the doll:

"The artist, Cindi Miller Herlemanknowing how popular Scout has been at the store, 
made this likeness of him that I now sell.
It comes with a story all about him as follows:  

'My name is Scout, but my friends call me Mush, Boo, Scout Scout, Scouty, and Skitz.  
Some say I am the lickiest dog ever!  
I am a King Charles Spaniel – an original design in the Wee Ones Collection.  
My favorite foods are ice cubes, coffee cups, and sticks.  
When I’m not working at Stoopher & Boots,
 you can find me playing with my friends at the Bull Moose Dog Run 
chasing my brother, Lucky, around the house. 
 If you adopt me, I promise to be a good and loyal dog.'"

Cindi can also make an impressionist version of anyone else’s pet.
Stephanie  just need photos and some info on the animal.
Cost is only $30.

I was in no way compensated for this post,
I just love Stoopher and Boots
Stephanie and of course Scout!


  1. Stoopher and Boots sounds like just the sort of shop I would love. :)

  2. That is about the cutest thing I've heard in a while.. Scout is just the sort of dog that should have a toy modeled after him, he looks adorable!!

  3. I love the diet of ice, coffee cups and sticks

    Scout and his likeness are adorable

  4. Stoopher and Boots looks like a fun little shop. The little stuffed animal of Scout is adorable as is the original. Fun stuff!

  5. I think you might have a new career in pet photography! This made my heart happy.

  6. I am not showing this to George.

    However, it IS really sweet. What a beautiful pooch, too.

  7. Thank you so much for the shout out! I am a big fan of Scout and Stephanie as well! :)

  8. It sounds like a nice life for Scout and a great shop.

  9. Made me smile this morning, sweet and treasurable.


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