wash out

After a glorious week 
of near summer temperatures, 
 very few clouds
 in the sky
 we had 

 I got to head home early 
but it was so overcast, 
so its going to rain any sec,
 I decided to head home 
doing a little wandering.  

There are some 
Tom Otterness sculptures

(not this one, this was in front of the TimeWarner Ctr a few years ago)

 outside a hotel on West 42nd St 
that I am itching to snap
they'll be there next time I have time.

I headed to see John

Sam and Chris Salon 
 he did he usual magic 

See how important beautification™ is?!

Next it was home to grab ToonMan and the BIG camera

We'd Googled 
directions to the 
in Central Park

I was psyched.   

ToonMan and I 
would hop a bus
 (a concession to his continuing recovery) 
get some good shots

when I got home 
he was sitting at his iMac
 still not dressed
 he said something
he hated being a spoil sport 
the weather didnt look at all enticing

 I said 
I was used his being a wet blanket 
settled in to read

 I read a very good well written well plotted mystery 
13-1/2 by Nevada Barr 
who writes a mysteries set in the various National Parks and feature Ranger Anna Pigeon
 I had sort of grown bored with them.
 I am not sure how I discovered 
 its possible I read a book review 
tho I didnt remember it at all 
as I opened the e-Book on my iPad

 The afternoon and my disappointment melted away 
as the story unfolded  
I wont give much away by saying 
there are twists and turns that will surprise 
even the most clever reader
I was so sure 
I was right about whodunnit, 
I wasnt

I finished it in one sitting!    
Check it out here.

more rain 
there was sunshine 
Polished Beauty Bar 

my friend Autumn co-hosted 
along with 
Susan and Micki Nam of Polished 
a Stella and Dot jewelry party

that's Micki's husband Mark holding the door exiting party-goers.  

Polished is so popular with clients 
that they hold 
birthday or bridal shower or kiddie parties there 
Dot and Stella event 
followed a morning birthday party.

To be cheery 
what the humidity did to my hair 
to celebrate 
a new pair of JBrand red skinny leg jeans
 I got my tootsies 


  1. Glad to hear you had a good weekend Daryl! There's just something about nail polish that makes everything right in the world!!

  2. No way your weekend was a wash..
    sounds like you got a lot accomplished one way or another.

    Stormy here, but I ventured out

  3. Wow, that's a lot for one weekend. Let's see the new red pants with the red toenails.

    Also, that first shot almost looks 3-d.

    wv: raturewi. If you were to raturewi-kend, what score would you give it? Sounds like about an 8 to me, pretty good.

  4. Fab tootsies. Can't remember the last time I spoiled my toes.

    Sounds like you turned grey and gloomy into a restful weekend.

  5. Fab macro. Glad you shucked off the wet blanket, You are so good at finding the sunshine. Haven't read NB in a long time.. will pick this one up, thanks for the tip.

  6. We had record rainfall over the weekend, but are finally expecting a few days of sun (in a row!!) this week. Love the toes!

  7. I spent Sunday in my car waiting and waiting and waiting for my hub's plane to be able to land. Ugh!

  8. Someone was telling me about Nevada Barr. Then they added, "but you're better." Hell-lo, ego stroke! :-)

    Those toenails rule.

  9. Ah - a nice rainy weekend for reading. Sounds perfect to me!

  10. GREAT photo at the hairdresser, and fascinating toes! Wish I had fun like that. The rain just washed out my two softball games, so I sat around like a slug and ate too much.

  11. love the first pic... and the last LOL best...
    i love a good book and especially the ones you simply cant put down!
    happy monday!

  12. Rain rain go away....raining now and predicted for the rest of the week!
    Sounds as if you had a pretty good weekend!
    Wow what pretty toes you have:)

  13. you're so chic :)

    your hairdresser is cute
    I appear to love all the men in your life don't I ;)

    it is pouring here right now but at least it's Monday

  14. That was super fun following you along! Lovin' the tootsies! The chill and greenness of the earth right now reminds me a bit of Ireland!

  15. Fun stuff. Maybe you could get your toes painted with the water droplets from that first pic. ;)

  16. That leaf picture is sheer perfection.
    Love the toes and JBrand jeans are definitely a reason to celebrate!

  17. I want to have a do over for my weekend now. poop.

  18. Rain? That stuff that continues to fall here too?

    I love the hairdresser shot and adore your tootsies :)

    I'm in need of pampering. Long overdue LOL

  19. Sounds like a good weekend to me. I enjoyed all the shots and the leaf with water droplets is gorgeous.


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