dig in!

its a long weekend
the 'unofficial' start of summer
what better way to get started
a summer plant sale


  1. I'll take one of everything as well as a gardener to do the planting!

  2. That is something I need to add to my to-do list this weekend...buy some plants and start my yearly battle with the local squirrels. They think they have to dig up everything I plant.

  3. Oo! Oo! Wait - no. No more plants for me, thanks. I'm full.

  4. I sometimes forget to look for your signature. This just reminded me to go back a few posts and have some fun!

  5. But if you buy the plants then you have to plant the plants and that is work, in my book ;)

    I plan on doing nothing. *snort* With 4 kids and a hubby, I don't' think THAT is going to happen!

  6. How colorful! We had a plant sale at our church last weekend but it was not nearly as lovely as this!

  7. You reminded me I haven't been to the garden centre for a while. :)

  8. I will believe that summer is here when I get more than 3 consecutive days of sun. Today is yet again, cold and overcast...

  9. What a selection! It's hotter than h*ll here, I'm staying in except for the event at the Veteran's Cemetery Monday. Taking two spray bottles of water!


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